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Reported issues: 79


09:44 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11018 (Feedback): free(): invalid next size (normal)
Please let us know if you can reproduce it with no gem, no rvm and no extension.
09:43 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11018: free(): invalid next size (normal)
That seem you used broken C extension.


10:19 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10867: An ATOMIC_GET operation should be written and used.
If you need a synchronization, you must not use rb_atomic_t. That's a bug.
10:12 PM Ruby trunk Feature #10849: Adding an alphanumeric function to SecureRandom
This proposal doesn't contain a use-case nor proposal justification. So, nobody can judge this is good interface or n...


08:28 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10760: NEWS file should include ticket / reference


06:48 PM Backport22 Revision 48082: * ext/etc/etc.c (etc_nprocessors_affin): maximum "n" should be 16384.
06:46 PM Backport22 Revision 48081: * ext/etc/etc.c (etc_nprocessors_affin): minor spell fix.
06:46 PM Backport22 Revision 48080: * ext/etc/etc.c (etc_nprocessors_affin): optimize memory usege a
bit. Typical rubyist never use 8k cpus machine.


09:49 PM Ruby trunk Feature #10267: Number of processors
Thanks Eric.
I also found a design issue in my patch. So, I wrote v2 patch from scratch.
09:00 PM Ruby trunk Feature #10267: Number of processors
> kosaki-san said he will improve the method for container on GNU/Linux.
> (If a process is run in a container, usab...

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