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07:21 PM Ruby master Feature #17100: Ractor: a proposal for a new concurrent abstraction without thread-safety issues
@Eregon (Benoit Daloze)
> Re naming of receiving a message, here is ...
joanbm (Joan Blackmoore)


02:23 PM Ruby master Feature #15966: Introducing experimental features behind a flag, disabled by default
Although I can understand rationale behind this proposal, I'm not sure it fits Ruby development model too well and in... joanbm (Joan Blackmoore)


10:15 PM Ruby master Misc #15723: Reconsider numbered parameters
Gray Kemmey summed it up [perfectly]( .
I guess there is really har...
joanbm (Joan Blackmoore)


08:09 PM Ruby master Feature #14399: Add Enumerable#product
EDIT: The original request was updated and my comment is related to the meaning of previous one. I *don't agree* with... joanbm (Joan Blackmoore)


05:14 PM Ruby master Feature #11816: Partial safe navigation operator
Oh, thanks for the fix. That was really fast. joanbm (Joan Blackmoore)
05:34 AM Ruby master Feature #11816: Partial safe navigation operator
Thought about it again and would agree with the last paragraph. Direct substitution is not appropriate he...
joanbm (Joan Blackmoore)
12:36 AM Ruby master Feature #11816: Partial safe navigation operator
I can understand the intention behind the proposal, but would like to express a (strong) disagreement with it.
joanbm (Joan Blackmoore)

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