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08:15 PM Ruby master Misc #17199: id outputed by inspect and to_s output does not allow to find actual object_id and vice-versa
This looks like an oversight to me? I agree with Benoit - showing object_id everywhere we used to show address seems ... nateberkopec (Nate Berkopec)


07:40 PM Ruby master Bug #16654: Segfault in rb_str_hash
The application I'm reproducing it on is here:
I think you should be able...
nateberkopec (Nate Berkopec)


08:03 PM Ruby master Bug #16654: Segfault in rb_str_hash
Does not reproduce on 2.5.5, and reproduces on 2.6.0
Unfortunately, doesn't reproduce with a simple script, e.g.:
nateberkopec (Nate Berkopec)
07:34 PM Ruby master Bug #16654: Segfault in rb_str_hash
This reproduces on 2.7.0 as well (though the thing calling `rb_str_hash` was different, this time `objspace_each_obje... nateberkopec (Nate Berkopec)
07:32 PM Ruby master Bug #16654 (Closed): Segfault in rb_str_hash
Seen in ruby 2.6.5.
-- C level backtrace information -------------------------------------------
nateberkopec (Nate Berkopec)


08:51 PM Ruby master Feature #15626: Manual Compaction for MRI's GC (`GC.compact`)
> Can we introduce it just after every major (full) gc?
I agree. If the necessary steps are Full GC -> Update -> M...
nateberkopec (Nate Berkopec)


06:01 PM Ruby master Feature #12236: Introduce `mmap` managed heap
Yura Sokolov wrote:
> > I believe we don't have any drawback with 256MB virtual memory allocation. (but it can depen...
nateberkopec (Nate Berkopec)


04:25 PM Ruby master Bug #12544 (Closed): Segfault on ruby-head
Log is available here:
Following the steps in the log sh...
nateberkopec (Nate Berkopec)

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