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03:19 AM Backport187 Backport #3938 (Closed): Ruby incorrectly compares the length of Array elements of Enumerable objects to the arity of Methods given as blocks to Enumerable methods
Given an Enumerable object that has an element which is an Array, when an Enumerable method which takes a bl...
Ethan (Ethan -)


02:19 AM Ruby master Bug #2789 (Closed): segfault in DL callbacks with mingw32
Attempting to use a callback with DL in mingw32 causes segmentation fault.
(I apologize if I'm in the wro...
Ethan (Ethan -)


01:26 AM Backport191 Backport #2728 (Closed): ruby segfaults returning from dynamically defined method in ensure block
As best as I can work out, the conditions to reproduce this crash are:
1. A begin/ensure block yields to a...
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