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04:56 PM Ruby master Bug #13270: IRB hangs when printing "\e]"
Even more information, this is reproducible on ruby -v ruby 2.4.0p0 (2016-12-24 revision 57164) [x86_64-linux], but i... snood1205 (Eli Sadoff)
04:24 PM Ruby master Bug #13270 (Open): IRB hangs when printing "\e]"
I can reproduce it on Darwin, so I'm switching it back to open.
My `ruby -v` is `ruby 2.4.0p0 (2016-12-24 revision...
snood1205 (Eli Sadoff)


07:53 PM Ruby master Bug #13187: In rails console ,excute "User.all" or "",remind a bugreport
This should be closed as it's seemingly unrelated to ruby core as evidence by the fact that it is happening in `rails... snood1205 (Eli Sadoff)


09:33 PM Ruby master Bug #13134: Rational() inconsistency
I propose leaving the behavior the way it is. A float denominator is filled with possible unexpected behavior. For ex... snood1205 (Eli Sadoff)


04:51 PM Ruby master Bug #13116: modulo, divmod range problem: float_val % 1 may return 1.0
For what it's worth, this result fits in with with `modulo` is documented to be. The documentation states
> `x.modu...
snood1205 (Eli Sadoff)


11:31 PM Ruby master Feature #13108 (Open): [Doc Request] Explicitly document Range#sum
While `Range#sum` exists because it implements `Enumerable#sum`, it is not noted how it works. While it does provide ... snood1205 (Eli Sadoff)


11:36 PM Ruby master Bug #13099 (Closed): Binding#irb does not work outside of irb
I had read that one of the new features of 2.4.0 is that `Binding#irb` is now a method, so I decided to test this out... snood1205 (Eli Sadoff)


12:22 AM Ruby master Feature #13083: Regexp#{match,match?} with a nil argument are deprecated and will raise a TypeError in Ruby 3.0
I think that the way it currently exists is logical. As `=~` is an Object method, it is worth while keeping the more ... snood1205 (Eli Sadoff)
12:16 AM Ruby master Feature #13067: TrueClass,FalseClass to provide `===` to match truthy/falsy values.
I think that a possible middle ground replacement would be to introduce truthy and falsy constants into `TrueClass` a... snood1205 (Eli Sadoff)

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