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03:16 PM Ruby master Revision 98f919ed (git): The stdlib readline should raise Interrupt when pressing C-c
aycabta (aycabta .)
03:11 PM Ruby master Revision 83ef23bd (git): Revert "Use IO#getch to read one char in raw mode"
This reverts commit 805b0a481132938638dbd32830cf5dca3910efb1. aycabta (aycabta .)
03:10 PM Ruby master Revision e8fff0ec (git): Revert "Use IO#getbyte"
This reverts commit 685f12bbca50ff9b7a16b3016b3b8b3f2ac8b796. aycabta (aycabta .)
03:10 PM Ruby master Revision 06bbacc0 (git): Revert "Support multibyte input"
This reverts commit 6d9e54816f828983bcf383ce6fce287bd3ca05b9. aycabta (aycabta .)


06:26 PM Ruby master Revision e9bc8b35 (git): Behave ESC key correctly when vi command mode
aycabta (aycabta .)
06:07 PM Ruby master Revision 35680298 (git): Remove .document and .gitignore from file list of rdoc.gemspec
aycabta (aycabta .)


09:37 PM Ruby master Revision 85dc89c9 (git): Treat Japanese IME on/off code correctly
aycabta (aycabta .)
06:48 AM Ruby master Bug #16132: Ruby 2.7 IRB crashes after pressing Insert and Delete
I released IRB 1.1.0.pre.3 and Reline 0.0.2 several hours ago. Please try below at Ruby 2.6.4 or latest version of Gi... aycabta (aycabta .)
02:23 AM Ruby master Revision e5dd63ba (git): IRB 1.1.0.pre.3
aycabta (aycabta .)
02:23 AM Ruby master Revision 11d6094c (git): Reline 0.0.2
aycabta (aycabta .)

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