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Ruby Developer, Contributor 04/17/2018
Backport187 Developer 11/06/2018
Backport191 Developer 11/06/2018
Backport192 Developer 11/06/2018
Backport193 Developer 11/06/2018
Backport200 Developer 11/06/2018
Backport21 Developer 11/06/2018
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CommonRuby Developer, Contributor 04/17/2018
Ruby 1.8 Developer 11/06/2018
Ruby master Developer 04/17/2018



12:00 PM Ruby master Revision 2d112c34 (git): [ruby/irb] Stop using bang version for #inspect of result aycabta (aycabta .)


09:39 AM Ruby master Misc #17200: DevelopersMeeting20201026Japan
* [Feature #16746] Endless method definition
* The following was discussed at [DevelopersMeeting20200514Japan](h...
aycabta (aycabta .)


11:45 AM Ruby master Bug #17211: Test failures in ruby2.7.2 and ruby3.0~preview1
I decided to stop using `system` method for E2E testing because it depends on `ruby` command. I'm sorry for the rough... aycabta (aycabta .)
10:50 AM Ruby master Revision 20ad1017 (git): Remove system method for E2E testing because depends on ruby command
aycabta (aycabta .)


07:17 PM Ruby master Revision 9718ff62 (git): Show stdout and stderr when history tests fail
aycabta (aycabta .)


12:34 PM Ruby master Revision f4328d7f (git): [ruby/readline-ext] Remove unnecessary header files from depend aycabta (aycabta .)


08:13 PM Ruby master Revision 555ea833 (git): [ruby/irb] Drop OMIT_ON_ASSIGNMENT and add :truncate option for ECHO_ON_ASSIGNMENT aycabta (aycabta .)
08:13 PM Ruby master Revision e193dd1e (git): [ruby/irb] Version 1.2.7 aycabta (aycabta .)
05:57 AM Ruby master Revision 305c4306 (git): [ruby/rdoc] Add man/ri.1 for distribution files aycabta (aycabta .)
05:57 AM Ruby master Revision b5db9b8a (git): [ruby/rdoc] Support full filename to make a link for a text file aycabta (aycabta .)

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