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06:53 PM Ruby trunk Feature #4801: Shorthand Hash Syntax for Strings
For info, look at and
the surrounding thread.



03:53 AM Ruby trunk Feature #4824: Provide method Kernel#executed?
Some other suggestions:

if main?
if first_script?
if main_script?
if run_script?



05:50 PM Ruby trunk Feature #4288: Allow invoking arbitrary method names with foo."something" syntax
> It does, but my concern with it is that (in the same way as
> string-interpolated ."" syntax) it can't be ...


07:42 PM Ruby trunk Bug #4245: Array index with Range inconsistency
Yes, it's a bit odd, but it is clearly noted in the docs that this special case exists.

Marc-Andre: - Fo...


06:54 PM Ruby trunk Feature #2515: Array#select!
I agree with Marc-Andre, and also with his suggestion of keep_if.

I have sometimes wished for each of th...

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