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09:54 PM Ruby master Revision 0b81a484 (git): Initialize new T_OBJECT as ROBJECT_EMBED
Previously, when an object is first initialized, ROBJECT_EMBED isn't
set. This means that for brand new objects, ROBJ...
jhawthorn (John Hawthorn)


04:47 PM Ruby master Revision 971857c3 (git): Fix method name escaping in ObjectSpace.dump
It's possible to define methods with any name, even if the parser
doesn't support it and it can only be used with ex....
jhawthorn (John Hawthorn)


03:14 PM Ruby master Revision ed7b46b6 (git): Use inline cache for super calls
jhawthorn (John Hawthorn)


09:58 PM Ruby master Revision c2e45422 (git): Store "UTC" and "" fstring as globals in time.c
jhawthorn (John Hawthorn)
09:58 PM Ruby master Revision 5f318947 (git): Avoid rb_check_string_type in month_arg
This will usually receive a fixnum so we should check that first instead
of the more expensive rb_check_string_type c...
jhawthorn (John Hawthorn)
09:58 PM Ruby master Revision 91601dcc (git): Simplify obj2ubits checks
If this value is less than zero, then the mask check is guaranteed to
fail as well, so we might as well rely on that.
jhawthorn (John Hawthorn)
06:49 PM Ruby master Feature #8709: Dir.glob should return sorted file list
One potential issue with this is that though globs which scanned directories (ex. `Dir.glob("foo/*")`) would return r... jhawthorn (John Hawthorn)


05:19 PM Ruby master Revision a01d22b8 (git): Check type with BUILTIN_TYPE in method cache clear
We know that this is a heap-allocated object (a CLASS, MODULE, or
ICLASS) so we don't need to check if it is an immed...
jhawthorn (John Hawthorn)
05:19 PM Ruby master Revision 92454624 (git): Replace debug test with assertion
It's a Ruby bug if this ever happens check it as an assertion instead of
paying the cost of the check every time.
jhawthorn (John Hawthorn)
05:19 PM Ruby master Revision 25447724 (git): Skip optimized method check for most method IDs
Previously every time a method was defined on a module, we would
recursively walk all subclasses to see if the module...
jhawthorn (John Hawthorn)

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