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12:31 AM Ruby master Revision def258e7 (git): Improve packing of iseq_constant_body struct
By moving the two bools into a packing gap above the mark_bits
pointer/union we can save 8 bytes in the struct and av...
jhawthorn (John Hawthorn)


11:37 PM Ruby master Revision da204d2e (git): Inherit max_iv_count from superclass
In 274870bd5434ab64ac3a3c9db9aa27d262c1d6d6 we gained the ability to
make an educated guess at the max_iv_count of a ...
jhawthorn (John Hawthorn)
11:37 PM Ruby master Revision f0cf70c8 (git): Add a macro for SHAPE_DEBUG
Like before, default to VM_CHECK_MODE > 0, but this allows just enabling
shape debug helpers without the rest of VM_C...
jhawthorn (John Hawthorn)


10:32 PM Ruby master Bug #19103 (Closed): [3.2.0dev] [BUG] Segmentation fault at 0x0000000000000000 in rgengc_check_relation
Yes, I'm seeing the same. Yesterday we bumped from [c3de08c to 72c7dba]( jhawthorn (John Hawthorn)


11:55 PM Ruby master Bug #19103: [3.2.0dev] [BUG] Segmentation fault at 0x0000000000000000 in rgengc_check_relation
We're also seeing this on GitHub's CI. I spent some time investigating today but didn't yet find the root cause.
jhawthorn (John Hawthorn)


09:05 PM Ruby master Revision 02f15542 (git): Implement object shapes for T_CLASS and T_MODULE (#6637)
* Avoid RCLASS_IV_TBL in marshal.c
* Avoid RCLASS_IV_TBL for class names
* Avoid RCLASS_IV_TBL for autoload
* Avoid R...
jhawthorn (John Hawthorn)


05:54 PM Ruby master Revision b652dbf6 (git): Remove iv_index_tbl_entry
jhawthorn (John Hawthorn)


12:26 AM Ruby master Revision 70538bea (git): Fix YJIT args for rb_vm_set_ivar_idx
This was broken accidentally with the revert of shapes (it conflicted
with some unrelated cleanup).
jhawthorn (John Hawthorn)


11:29 PM Ruby master Revision 1143fe34 (git): Fix YJIT build after shapes-revert
An variable had been renamed in between the merge and revert, so the
build was broken. This restores it.
jhawthorn (John Hawthorn)


03:48 AM Ruby master Bug #19021: Crash [BUG] Stack consistency error on ruby 3.2.0-dev
Thanks! It was indeed broken by that commit. I've merged a fix and added tests so it should be working now. jhawthorn (John Hawthorn)

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