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01:15 PM Ruby master Revision 242f024b (git): [ruby/error_highlight] Keep it work if paren exists after receiver pocke (Masataka Kuwabara)


11:55 AM Ruby master Revision e8c2b03e (git): [ruby/irb] Fix error on `ls object_cant_define_singleton`
such as `ls 42`, `ls :sym` and so on
pocke (Masataka Kuwabara)


01:36 AM Ruby master Revision 6eb7c663 (git): [ruby/irb] Improve performance of `show_source` for large class pocke (Masataka Kuwabara)


01:41 PM Ruby master Revision e3e55967 (git): Fix example code in Array#max doc
`[0, 1, 2, 3].max(6)` actually returns `[3, 2, 1, 0]`, but the doc said
it returns `[3, 2, 1]`.
pocke (Masataka Kuwabara)
05:00 AM Ruby master Revision de96ae9b (git): [ruby/irb] Dump ancestors' methods by ls command pocke (Masataka Kuwabara)


02:38 PM Ruby master Misc #17641: pocke should have a commit bit
Thanks for your recommendations!
hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) wrote in #note-1:
> @pocke
> Which areas of ru...
pocke (Masataka Kuwabara)


05:01 AM Ruby master Revision 23a833ee (git): Add File.absolute_path? to NEWS-2.7.0 [ci skip]
`File.absolute_path?` has been added since Ruby 2.7.0, but it isn't
mentioned in the NEWS. So this patch adds a NEWS ...
pocke (Masataka Kuwabara)


03:31 PM Ruby master Revision 391ee3ee (git): Replace `Kernel.#open` with `` in doc
Because `Kernel.#open` no longer opens URI since Ruby 3.0. pocke (Masataka Kuwabara)


12:15 PM Ruby master Bug #17503: Typing an invalid percent string crashes irb
Probably I met the same problem and I reported it as the issue.
pocke (Masataka Kuwabara)


05:25 AM Ruby master Revision de5f8a92 (git): Make args info for RubyVM::AST to available on endless method without parens
Arguments information is missing for endless method without parens.
For example:
# ok
pp RubyVM...
pocke (Masataka Kuwabara)

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