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11:38 PM Ruby master Bug #5303 (Closed): parse.y relies on $$ = $1 before action routines [PATCH]
In perusing parse.y, I came across this pair of action routines:
bv_decls : bvar
adgar (Michael Edgar)


04:54 PM Ruby master Feature #5123: Alias Hash 1.9 as OrderedHash
As a corollary, for a few months I had one portion of my code which used Sets, and relied on the fact that Sets in 1.... adgar (Michael Edgar)


04:35 PM Backport193 Backport #5124 (Closed): foo = [*bar] implies foo.equal?(bar)
I just ran into this as a result of some slightly sloppy coding, but it did disagree with my internal assumptions.
adgar (Michael Edgar)


09:22 AM Ruby master Feature #3845: "in" infix operator
I personally believe `in` belongs as an operator, it should match natural, mathematical, set-inclusion notation, and ... adgar (Michael Edgar)
06:12 AM Ruby master Feature #5009: Bang method (!) consistency in Ruby 2 API
This is a common misconception about the use of bang methods in Ruby. Bang does not indicate that a method mutates it... adgar (Michael Edgar)
04:55 AM Ruby master Bug #5002: Ripper fails to distinguish local vars from vcalls [PATCH]
Ack - I missed how nil/self would be caught as vcalls there.
As you note, splitting the variable node is necessary...
adgar (Michael Edgar)


12:55 PM Ruby master Feature #4935: Quoted Label Form for 1.9 Hashes
With the feature freeze coming up in a couple days, is there a chance this sees 1.9.3? It doesn't break any old synta... adgar (Michael Edgar)
12:24 PM Ruby master Bug #5002 (Closed): Ripper fails to distinguish local vars from vcalls [PATCH]
Ripper always parses the `variable` grammar production (which includes identifiers, {i,c,g}vars, nil, __FILE__, etc) ... adgar (Michael Edgar)


12:18 PM Ruby master Bug #4716: Ripper orders rescue_mod subnodes inconsistently [PATCH]
I feel this merits inclusion in Ruby 1.9.3. Otherwise, Ripper will have known user-facing bugs for another point rele... adgar (Michael Edgar)
05:02 AM Ruby master Feature #4965: The problem of "print line if line = DATA.gets"
Some technical background: the current issue stems from how the parser must differentiate between local variables and... adgar (Michael Edgar)

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