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11:56 PM Ruby trunk Revision 61062 (trunk): remove unnecessary read_timeout.


12:59 AM Ruby trunk Revision 61019 (trunk): Remove unnecessary read_timeout.


08:15 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13382 (Rejected): [PATCH] Options for FTP PORT command
osa (Shunsuke OSA) wrote:
> I used to use FTP and need this feature.
> But now, I don't use it and lose motivation ...


08:35 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13271 (Closed): Clarifications on refinement spec
Applied in changeset trunk|r60992.
Specify refinement inheritance by Module#include.
[ruby-core:79880] [...
08:35 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60992 (trunk): Specify refinement inheritance by Module#include.
[ruby-core:79880] [Bug #13271]
08:10 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13741 (Closed): A documentation bug of IO#putc
Applied in changeset trunk|r60991.
Fix a documentation error of IO#putc.
IO#putc is multi-byte character...
08:10 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60991 (trunk): Fix a documentation error of IO#putc.
IO#putc is multi-byte character safe when a String is given as its argument.
[ruby-core:82019] [Bug #13741]
08:02 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60990 (trunk): Init functions should have prefix to avoid confliction.
12:39 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60984 (trunk): The superclass of a refinement should have BasicObject as its ancestor.
Otherwise, VM_ASSERT(callable_method_entry_p(cme)) in
prepare_callable_method_entry() fails if VM_CHECK_MODE is 2.


10:54 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14070 (Closed): Refining a module dumps core
Applied in changeset trunk|r60980.
Modules should not have subclasses.
When refining a module, the modul...

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