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07:04 PM Ruby master Bug #16477 (Closed): readline-ext repository is huge
Today I've cloned (my fresh new fork) of readline-ext
+ $ git clone
graywolf (Gray Wolf)


11:14 AM Ruby master Bug #16357 (Closed): `Segmentation fault (core dumped)` or `[BUG] object allocation during garbage collection phase`
How to reproduce:
+$ tree .
├── Gemfile
└── Gemfile.lock
0 directories, 3 files
+$ ca...
graywolf (Gray Wolf)


11:25 AM Ruby master Bug #16136: String corruption in 2.6.4
Out of curiosity, why is this issue closed if it was not yet backported to 2.6 branch? graywolf (Gray Wolf)


07:26 PM Ruby master Feature #5400: Remove flip-flops in 2.0
Fyi this currently causes `ri` tab completion to display a warning ( graywolf (Gray Wolf)


03:07 PM Ruby master Bug #15847 (Closed): SecureRandom#gen_random becomes private after first invocation
There seems to be an issue with `SecureRandom#gen_random` becoming private after first invocation:
+ $ /tmp...
graywolf (Gray Wolf)


11:47 PM Ruby master Bug #15457 (Closed): Weird behaviour when having multiple arguments of same name and splat operator
When multiple arguments of the same name are provided and last one of
them has splat operator, everything gets weird...
graywolf (Gray Wolf)


08:21 PM Ruby master Feature #15338 (Open): Provide way for C extensions to query if global variable is defined
As far as I can tell, there is no way for C extension to check if global variable is defined. I can `rb_gv_get`, but ... graywolf (Gray Wolf)


03:10 PM Ruby master Feature #15261 (Open): Expose rl_variable_value as Readline.variable_value
I would like to propose exponsing rl_variable_value as Readline.variable_value, it would be useful in pry.
Pull re...
graywolf (Gray Wolf)


07:54 PM Ruby master Feature #15024: Support block in Array#join
Doesn't `#each_slice` create temporary array for each pair? Doesn't seem very efficient. But assuming that does not m... graywolf (Gray Wolf)
05:11 PM Ruby master Feature #15024 (Open): Support block in Array#join
I think it could be handy to have block support in Array#join.
For example
> puts %w{a b c d}.join { |...
graywolf (Gray Wolf)

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