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11:01 AM Ruby master Misc #18761: provide an example wasm project
grosser (Michael Grosser) wrote:
> Neither the release notes nor the wasm/ include any runnable examples.
rkh (Konstantin Haase)


12:49 PM Ruby master Bug #10558: failing require on OSX statically compiled ruby
This is failing on Travis CI and unfortunately preventing us from offering 2.2.0-preview2.
See https://travis-ci.o...
rkh (Konstantin Haase)


09:34 PM Ruby master Feature #8947 (Open): make alias, alias_method, attr_* return name of the alias
Now that def returns the method name, it would be handy to have alias/alias_method return the name of the alias:
rkh (Konstantin Haase)


01:07 AM Ruby master Feature #8635: attr_accessor with default block
If this should be added, could you consider adding it with a read-write-lock? rkh (Konstantin Haase)
12:54 AM Ruby master Feature #8639: Add Queue#each
+1 for the feature, should have gone into CommonRuby, I think, maybe. rkh (Konstantin Haase)


05:40 PM Ruby master Feature #8393: A class who's parent class is in a module can go wrong if files are required in the wrong order
eLobato (Daniel Lobato Garcia) wrote:
> This error showed up in a Rails app, on my code I had two different files (P...
rkh (Konstantin Haase)


04:23 PM Ruby master Feature #8257: Exception#cause to carry originating exception along with new one
I love the idea of having $! be the cause. It would also mean instant adoption. rkh (Konstantin Haase)
02:45 AM Ruby master Feature #8343: StringScanner#[] should accept names of named captures
On a related note: should the patch be submitted in a second issue on the ruby-trunk project? rkh (Konstantin Haase)


11:46 PM Ruby master Feature #8343 (Closed): StringScanner#[] should accept names of named captures
s ="Fri Dec 12 1975 14:39")
s.scan(/(?<wday>\w+) (?<month>\w+) (?<day>\d+) /)...
rkh (Konstantin Haase)
08:27 PM Ruby master Feature #8339: Introducing Geneartional Garbage Collection for CRuby/MRI
Wow, nice! Is there a patch/branch around somewhere already to take a look at?
Keep up the good work!
rkh (Konstantin Haase)

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