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06:50 AM Ruby master Feature #16615: Group style access scope for macros
shevegen (Robert A. Heiler) wrote in #note-1:
> Two comments from me in regards to the proposal:
> 1) Is there ...
ted (Ted Johansson)


12:18 PM Ruby master Feature #16615 (Open): Group style access scope for macros
Given a method `.bar`, which defines an instance method `#baz` on a class, and returns the defined method's name as a... ted (Ted Johansson)


02:10 AM Ruby master Feature #15381: Let double splat call `to_h` implicitly
I came here to file this feature request, only to find this had already been proposed. This would be beautiful, indee... ted (Ted Johansson)


07:57 AM Ruby master Misc #15723: Reconsider numbered parameters
What strikes me is that this feature attempts to solve a problem that is very limited in scope:
- Blocks where the...
ted (Ted Johansson)


11:17 AM Ruby master Feature #13933 (Open): Add Range#empty?
Range already responds to #size. It would be nice if it also responded to predicate #empty? :-) ted (Ted Johansson)


03:43 PM Ruby master Bug #13872: Duplicate assignment no longer silences "assigned but unused variable" warning
Previously, `foo = foo = "bar"` was used as a workaround. Now that the workaround is "fixed", I see incoming PRs chan... ted (Ted Johansson)


11:57 AM Ruby master Bug #13691 (Rejected): Word- and symbol array literals not valid where regular array is
Not sure if this is a limitation of the design space in the parser, or just a missed edge case. (Note that a regular ... ted (Ted Johansson)

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