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09:05 PM Ruby master Misc #16747: Repository reorganization request
vo.x (Vit Ondruch) wrote in #note-7:
> Also, not sure what is the rationale for mainsrc, but at the first look, I co...
greggzst (Grzegorz Jakubiak)


10:06 PM Ruby master Misc #16802: Prefer use of RHS assigment in documentation
Eregon (Benoit Daloze) wrote in #note-4:
> I think we should wait that RHS assignment is no longer experimental.
greggzst (Grzegorz Jakubiak)


08:16 AM Ruby master Misc #16778: Should we stop vendoring default gems code?
hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) wrote in #note-18:
> I and the maintainer of the default gems will extract the default gems t...
greggzst (Grzegorz Jakubiak)


08:22 PM Ruby master Misc #16775: DevelopersMeeting20200514Japan
* [Misc #16778] Should we stop vendoring default gems code? (greggzst)
* it makes maintenance easier and removes th...
greggzst (Grzegorz Jakubiak)


05:05 AM Ruby master Misc #16778: Should we stop vendoring default gems code?
mame (Yusuke Endoh) wrote in #note-11:
> As a committer who is involved in security release, I'm concerned about the ...
greggzst (Grzegorz Jakubiak)


07:07 AM Ruby master Misc #16693: DevelopersMeeting20200410Japan
* [Bug #6087] How should inherited methods deal with return values of their own subclass? (greggzst)
* It's been a ...
greggzst (Grzegorz Jakubiak)


12:41 PM Ruby master Misc #16693: DevelopersMeeting20200410Japan
* [Feature #16428] Add `Array#uniq?`, `Enumerable#uniq?` (greggzst)
* it seems to be an easier solution to check d...
greggzst (Grzegorz Jakubiak)


08:10 AM Ruby master Misc #15782: DevelopersMeeting20190522Japan
greggzst (Grzegorz Jakubiak) wrote:
> * [Feature #15323] [PATCH] Proposal: Add Enumerable#filter_map
> * It's expr...
greggzst (Grzegorz Jakubiak)


09:35 PM Ruby master Feature #15323: [PATCH] Proposal: Add Enumerable#filter_map
alfonsojimenez (Alfonso Jiménez) wrote:
> I've updated the patch file increasing the ruby version in *spec/ruby/core...
greggzst (Grzegorz Jakubiak)


03:02 PM Ruby master Misc #15782: DevelopersMeeting20190522Japan
* [Feature #15323] [PATCH] Proposal: Add `Enumerable#filter_map`
* It's expressive as Ruby lang itself
* Make `fi...
greggzst (Grzegorz Jakubiak)

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