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03:57 PM ruby-trunk Feature #9704: Refinements as files instead of modules
I realized there is a downside to this approach.
# a.rb
require 'b'
class String
def ab
self + "a" ...
02:39 AM ruby-trunk Feature #9704: Refinements as files instead of modules
Just FYI, I created this project I don't much care for what I had to do to impl...


07:48 PM ruby-trunk Feature #9453: Return symbols of defined methods for `attr` and friends
Letting #private accept an Array seems more preferable then adding yet another ~~method~~ slew of methods: `private_a...
07:31 PM CommonRuby Feature #9625: Define `Pathname#/` to append to the path
+1 This is a no-brainer.
07:12 PM ruby-trunk Feature #9565: Unifying the methods (const|class_variable|instance_variable)_(defined?|get|set)
+1 Fewer methods to remember. Could be used for global vars too. Is `token` the best term though?
07:00 PM ruby-trunk Feature #9557: Enumerator#next and Enumerator#peek with argument
Such features might benefit from an Indexable mixin.
06:53 PM ruby-trunk Bug #9443: Prepended methods are skipped if calling alias
alias in Ruby really means "copy method". It would be nice if there were a way to truly alias, such that the two name...
06:24 PM ruby-trunk Feature #8707: Hash#reverse_each
Can `#reverse` be an Enumerator?
05:54 PM ruby-trunk Feature #9379: Support for using libxml-ruby as XML parser in xmlrpc-libs
This seems like a very reasonable idea. (Maybe it would even be possible to add support for Nokogiri too?) One thing ...


04:52 PM ruby-trunk Feature #9704: Refinements as files instead of modules
Yes, the transition from monkey-patching to refinements is a major part of the intention.
But I also do not expec...

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