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03:23 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12360 (Rejected): More useful return values from bang methods
It would be nice if bang methods returned results that where of some additional use. Presently most just return the e...


12:07 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11537: Introduce "Safe navigation operator"
Philip Claren wrote:
> Thomas Sawyer wrote:
> > In this way is more an extension of the ternary operator -- the ini...
12:01 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11537: Introduce "Safe navigation operator"
Laurentiu Macovei wrote:
> The same discussion happens to be on TypeScript and ES6 worlds.
> Using `..` instead of ...


05:10 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11537: Introduce "Safe navigation operator"
Yukihiro Matsumoto wrote:
> I like the idea. My remaining concern is ".?" is too similar to "?." which is chosen by ...


06:49 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10924: String#b
That's the irony. One of the reasons I choose #b is because I thought for sure that would almost certainly never beco...


11:57 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10924: String#b
Robert A. Heiler wrote:
> I think that, the name aside, this would be a wonderful example for different
> namespace...
11:49 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10924: String#b
Benoit Daloze wrote:
> Note #b is more #binary than #ascii.
That at least make a little more sense out of the nam...
11:43 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10929 (Open): NilClass#to_proc and & don't mix?
This is sort of like a "who would ever care" kind of bug. Nonetheless technically it seems like it is one. So I thoug...
01:27 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10924 (Open): String#b
Well, I just learned about the String#b [method]( today. And of ...


01:57 AM Ruby trunk Misc #10549: Deprecate each_with_index and each_with_object in favor of with_index and with_object
If Functors* ( could be built into the language proper, then what you suggest ...

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