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06:01 PM Ruby trunk Misc #11131 (Open): Unexpected splatting of empty kwargs
def foo(); :ok end
foo(*[]) #=> :ok
foo(**{}) #=> ArgumentError: wrong number of arguments (1 for 0)


10:34 AM Ruby trunk Feature #10927: [PATCH] Add default empty string to string replacements
Alright but a change doesn't necessarily need to be substantial to improve developer happiness. It seems like my litt...


04:26 PM Ruby trunk Feature #10927 (Open): [PATCH] Add default empty string to string replacements
Hi ruby devs !
A common case for string substitution is to just remove the found items. This patch changes the `St...


09:16 PM Ruby trunk Feature #4553: Add Set#pick and Set#pop
#pop is often associated to stack operations, which implies an order. Unless a better name is found, isn't set...
09:10 PM Ruby trunk Feature #4541: Inconsistent Array.slice()
I don't see the advantage of having nil returned in any case since the empty array already expresses the "ther...
07:14 PM Ruby trunk Feature #4569: Replace IPAddr with IPAddress
Hi Marco, awesome lib. I read trough it and here are the thoughts I had:
* IPAddr#[] and IPAddr#each don't ho...


11:15 PM Ruby trunk Bug #4545 (Closed): [PATCH] syslog extension documentation improvements and fixes
Small documentation fixes for the syslog extension.
The patch is a GIT patch on top of 7487298584145058f234...


09:26 AM Ruby trunk Wiki edit: MigrationIssuesFrom18 (#18)


09:06 PM Ruby trunk Wiki edit: RubyFileList (#1)
08:36 PM Ruby trunk Wiki edit: Main (#32)

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