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07:52 AM Ruby trunk Bug #9494 (Closed): Race condition in autoload of Digest::SHA256, etc.
At the moment the digest extension uses const_missing to implement autoload. Unfortunately there's a race condition: ...


02:50 PM Ruby trunk Bug #4487: require_relative fails in an eval'ed file
This bug also affects pry: Our use-case is slightly different because we are d...


04:07 PM Ruby trunk Bug #7772: Consider bumping stack size in ruby_qsort
Patch to bump size to 64
04:06 PM Ruby trunk Bug #7772 (Closed): Consider bumping stack size in ruby_qsort
At the moment the maximum size of the stack is 32. The comment implies this should be enough for arrays with up to 2*...


09:41 AM Ruby trunk Bug #7536 (Closed): local variables added to TOPLEVEL_BINDING in -r are broken
If a library that you require in the -r flag of ruby evals things in TOPLEVEL_BINDING (e.g. RUBY_OPT=-rbundler/setup)...


06:35 PM Ruby trunk Bug #7214: Ruby 2.0 breaks support for some debugging tools
Hey ko1,
Your debugging API looks good :).
It would be great to do this in a gem, but we can't create binding objec...


03:51 PM Ruby trunk Feature #3575 (Closed): String#split is inconsistent with empty string and negative limit
I expect: "".split(",", -1) == [""]
Currently: "".split(",", -1) == []

According to the documentation...

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