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09:01 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11032: Add a warning for misspelling "def intialize"
What if I misspelled it "initailize"? Or "initalize"? Or any other of the numerous different ways to misspell it?


03:05 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11017: overridden method Hash#[]= doesn't return correct data
Vladislav Zubov wrote:
> ~~~ruby
> > ps ={ first: 'first', second: 'second' })
> # ...


11:02 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10947: Multiline if statement returns unexpected value instead of raising a syntax error
Sam Davies wrote:
> Here is an invalid multiline if statement
> if (false &&
> false &&
> false
> ...


09:29 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10862 (Open): Fix shell quoting example in ri.1 manual
The current example is wrong. The expected output is probably:
`ri compact\!`
With nroff, you get:
`ri ...
09:21 PM Ruby trunk Feature #10861 (Open): Have ./configure try mandoc when trying to detect manpage type
Both NetBSD and OpenBSD use mandoc for manual formatting, which handles mdoc format. nroff isn't included by default...
09:10 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10860 (Open): tool/mdoc2man.rb doesn't handle man/rake.1 correctly
Before r48658, rake.1 was in mdoc format, and tool/mdoc2man.rb handled it correctly. In r48658, rake.1 was switched ...


07:34 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10696: Digest implementation on Windows faulty
This is probably a line ending issue, with ASCII CR getting removed by on Windows. You need to read the fi...


04:59 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10554: preview2 fails to generate prelude.c
Vit Ondruch wrote:
> Ok, this seems to be due to r48607 and associated commits. Looking at builds of Ruby 2.1, prelu...


03:26 AM Backport200 Backport #10439 (Closed): Bad backport of r48161 to 2.0.0
When r48161 was backported to 2.0.0 as r48162, an extra character was introduced in XML_WITH_NESTED_PARAMETER_ENTITY ...


03:58 PM Ruby trunk Bug #9005: object.send(:define_method, ...){...} creates private method
Scott Tamosunas wrote:
> This isn't fixed on 2.1.3. Has that changeset not made it into a release?
> `2.1.3 :0...

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