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11:33 AM Ruby master Feature #17853: Add Thread#thread_id
@nobu that looks great! ivoanjo (Ivo Anjo)


07:46 AM Ruby master Feature #17795: Around `Process.fork` callbacks API
Since there seems to be no agreement on what a better and high-level API would look like, would it be reasonable to g... ivoanjo (Ivo Anjo)


11:03 AM Ruby master Feature #17853: Add Thread#thread_id
Thanks a lot for building this, @naruse!
If I can ask for a tiny addition, it would be really cool to get the `nat...
ivoanjo (Ivo Anjo)


08:38 AM Ruby master Feature #17853: Add Thread#thread_id
+1 This would be useful for Datadog's [ddtrace]( gem as well: currently we need to ... ivoanjo (Ivo Anjo)


01:28 PM Ruby master Feature #17795: Around `Process.fork` callbacks API
At Datadog, we use our monkey patching (mentioned in the description) to restart background threads that are used to ... ivoanjo (Ivo Anjo)
11:20 AM Ruby master Bug #17807 (Closed): "Segmentation fault at 0x0000000000000008" crash when accessing instance variables of Process::Waiter instances (Ruby 2.3 to 2.6)
Hey there! I'm in [Datadog's ddtrace gem]( team and one of our customers was r... ivoanjo (Ivo Anjo)


08:31 AM Ruby master Feature #5446: at_fork callback API
+1 we have this issue at Datadog as well. Our profiler keeps a background thread that takes samples and reports back ... ivoanjo (Ivo Anjo)


09:16 AM Ruby master Bug #17679: Ractor incoming channel can consume unlimited resources
That's a reasonable point, @marcandre. I also did tried something similar at ivoanjo (Ivo Anjo)


04:19 PM Ruby master Bug #17678 (Assigned): Ractors do not restart after fork
Hello there! I'm working at Datadog on the `ddtrace` gem -- <> and we're experi... ivoanjo (Ivo Anjo)


07:57 PM Ruby master Feature #15897: `it` as a default block parameter
As a user of both Kotlin and RSpec, here's my 0.01 cents: I've been using Kotlin for almost 1.5 years, and the implic... ivoanjo (Ivo Anjo)

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