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03:40 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11121 (Third Party's Issue): openssl ext does not handle EWOULDBLOCK
Thanks for following up!


11:02 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10968: [BUG] object allocation during garbage collection phase in /opt/rubies/ruby-2.2.1/lib...
Do you know how to reproduce it?
Rails+Ruby 2.2 isn't enough for me to make a crash.


02:45 PM Ruby trunk Revision 50853: * ext/date/date_core.c: Grammar fix found by @aiperon [ci skip]


05:11 PM Ruby trunk Bug #9743 (Closed): memory leak in openssl ossl_pkey_verify leaks memory
The failure has been fixed, so we can close this ticket.


10:46 PM Ruby trunk Revision 50705: [DOC] Decrease heading under DateTime [ci skip]
07:49 PM Ruby trunk Revision 50702: * ext/date/date_core.c: [DOC] Add comparison of Time and DateTime
Patch provided by @pixeltrix


05:57 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11191: Add #to_h method to OptionParser
> I think having strings is better than nothing, but I do think symbols would be better.
You want symbols, I'm gue...


06:41 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10967 (Closed): Is "warning: private attribute?" wrong?
Applied in changeset r50585.
* vm_method.c: Remove private attribute warning [Bug #10967]
Patch by @spa...
06:40 AM Ruby trunk Revision 50585: * vm_method.c: Remove private attribute warning [Bug #10967]
Patch by @spastorino [Fixes GH-849]
* test/ruby/test_module.rb: Update test ...


06:38 PM Ruby Wiki edit: DevelopersMeeting20150514Japan (#9)

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