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07:40 AM Ruby master Bug #19337 (Closed): What is the difference between "default" gems and "bundled" gems?
Although I found [some answers]( on the [internet](https:... zzak (Zak Scott)


01:05 AM Ruby master Bug #19285 (Third Party's Issue): (docs.rlo) Split stdlib and core documents
It seems we merge all of the docs for stdlib and core into one for, this creates weirdness like [K... zzak (Zak Scott)


08:56 AM Ruby master Bug #19230: The openssl backend of securerandom is no longer needed
Good catch!
I did a quick GitHub search to see if anyone might be calling this method directly, but given it's pri...
zzak (Zak Scott)


11:38 AM Ruby master Bug #19168: "such file" is bad grammar
Judging by the [diff]( to produce this change, we would be breaking bundler --... zzak (Zak Scott)


11:08 PM Ruby master Bug #18281: Ruby 3.1.0: gem uninstall -aIx fails to uninstall debug
Oh also, interesting.. if I `gem install debug` and re-run `gem uninstall -aIx` it works!
gem uninstall -aIx
zzak (Zak Scott)
11:05 PM Ruby master Bug #18281 (Closed): Ruby 3.1.0: gem uninstall -aIx fails to uninstall debug
👋 So I'm not sure this is a bug with `debug` or rubygems, but thought I'd start here.
When running `gem uninstall...
zzak (Zak Scott)


12:38 AM Ruby master Misc #17828: Deprecate use of master and slave
For me, having different branch names is just a quality of life improvement. Every project at my company has switched... zzak (Zak Scott)


06:47 AM Ruby master Misc #17828: Deprecate use of master and slave
I would defer to @hsbt on how difficult it would be to change the default branch in git. I'm happy to review and merg... zzak (Zak Scott)


11:37 PM Ruby master Revision f60fba03 (git): Make sure to mention ext/Setup is optional
This step confused me when trying to compile Ruby after 5 years, so it
should be avoided unless you need static linking.
zzak (Zak Scott)


07:32 AM Ruby master Bug #12324: Support OpenSSL 1.1.0 (and drop support for 0.9.6/0.9.7)
I'm happy for your help with Ruby's OpenSSL!
This is a rather large change, and would like to see it land in the (...
zzak (Zak Scott)

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