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04:52 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10229 (Feedback): RFC 5649 implementation in OpenSSL breaks Ruby.
Hello Vit, Thank you for confirming!
Have these commits been backported?


07:09 PM Ruby trunk Revision 49680: * ext/openssl/ossl_asn1.c: [DOC] RDoc formatting fixes for
ASN1::ObjectId with patch from @vbatts [Fixes GH-834]
* ext/openssl/ossl_bn.c: ditto.
07:06 PM Ruby trunk Revision 49678: [DOC] Backport ruby/openssl@86eb721 [ci skip]


09:03 PM Ruby Wiki edit: MaintainersStdlib (#4)
Use markdown with nested lists


02:30 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10053: OpenSSL: incorrect return value check of EGD functions
The first part sounds OK, I support deprecate of egd functions. The second part needs actionable tickets, and patches...


06:15 AM Ruby trunk Bug #9743 (Open): memory leak in openssl ossl_pkey_verify leaks memory
Seeing this test failure on travis:
I think we should re-open th...


12:44 AM Ruby trunk Revision 49362: * file.c: Document other cases of missing birthtime on OS with patch
provided by @sho-h similar to GH-817. [ci skip] [DOC]


06:50 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10760 (Closed): NEWS file should include ticket / reference
Currently our [NEWS]( file doesn't include any reference to the change, ...


05:57 PM Ruby trunk Revision 49336: * file.c: NotImplementedError is raised if birthtime is unavailable.
Patch by @y-yagi san and [Fixes GH-817] [ci skip] [DOC]
* ext/pathname/pathname.c: ditto.


05:14 PM Ruby trunk Feature #10739 (Feedback): merge upstream of json-1.8.2
I think we need to fix the regression in gem before we merge to trunk.
We can take advantage of gem's CI for fixin...

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