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07:42 PM Ruby master Bug #18511: ruby in infinite loop consuming 100% CPU
> Is there any way to replace the yajl-ruby C extension with another json extension?
Depending on y...
alanwu (Alan Wu)


04:52 PM Ruby master Bug #18496 (Feedback): Segmentation fault at 0x0000000005107620
Sorry about the crash. Since there are FFI usages in your application, the issue might be in one of the gems, rather ... alanwu (Alan Wu)


11:36 PM Ruby master Bug #18487 (Open): Kernel#binding behaves differently depending on implementation language of items on the stack
Recently I [discovered] that one could use `Kernel#binding` to capture the
environment of a frame that is not direct...
alanwu (Alan Wu)


05:02 PM Ruby master Revision 04d9b6d2 (git): [DOC] Link to Ruby Spec and rephrase project goal
The word "specification" can be confusing as it might make readers
assume that the Ruby Spec Suite is a specification...
alanwu (Alan Wu)


12:29 AM Ruby master Revision 54c91042 (git): YJIT: Discard local var type info on routine call
Routines that are called from YJIT's output code can call methods, and
calling methods mean they can capture and chan...
alanwu (Alan Wu)


01:23 AM Ruby master Bug #18435: Calling `protected` on ancestor method changes result of `instance_methods(false)`
I agree this is a confusing part of the API surface. This ticket reminds me of
the discussion from [Bug #16106].
alanwu (Alan Wu)


05:43 PM Ruby master Revision 3ae8b115 (git): YJIT: Fix confusing self reference when initializing variable
alanwu (Alan Wu)
05:43 PM Ruby master Revision c7177288 (git): YJIT: Refine comments
Correct method name, fix copypasta, and add an ASCII illustration.
[ci skip]
alanwu (Alan Wu)


06:58 AM Ruby master Bug #18453: YJIT breaks Rails collection caching
Thank you for such a comprehensive bug report! alanwu (Alan Wu)


06:31 PM Ruby master Feature #18439: Support YJIT for VC++
Yes, supporting Window's x64 calling convention is non-trivial.
In addition to what John already mentioned we also n...
alanwu (Alan Wu)

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