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10:58 PM Ruby master Bug #17590 (Closed): `M.prepend M` has hidden side effect
Applied in changeset commit:git|58e82206057f2a1644b69ac3631016009ae48590.
Check for cyclic prepend before...
alanwu (Alan Wu)
10:57 PM Ruby master Revision 58e82206 (git): Check for cyclic prepend before making origin
It's important to only make the origin when the prepend goes
through, as the precense of the origin informs whether t...
alanwu (Alan Wu)


11:42 PM Ruby master Bug #17618: Exceptions in Fiber Scheduler causes a segv
Just an observation in case it's useful. Implementing `unblock` in the scheduler and printing out the current thread ... alanwu (Alan Wu)


12:24 AM Ruby master Revision 64613144 (git): Make rb_define_module_id_under() pin existing modules
Just like rb_define_class_id_under(). Also makes
rb_define_module_under() consistent with rb_define_class_under() in ...
alanwu (Alan Wu)
12:24 AM Ruby master Revision 216e6605 (git): Add compaction notes for class/module creation C APIs
alanwu (Alan Wu)


07:02 PM Ruby master Revision e812b362 (git): Fix typo: invaldate -> invalidate
alanwu (Alan Wu)


01:01 AM Ruby master Revision c59b9a8c (git): Move docs for Integer#bit_length [ci skip]
alanwu (Alan Wu)
01:01 AM Ruby master Revision befa2448 (git): Help RDoc find Exception [ci skip]
This was on top of `Init_Exception()`. alanwu (Alan Wu)


11:26 PM Ruby master Revision a5fd6515 (git): Reword docs for Fiddle::Function#call [ci skip]
I'm using `... alanwu (Alan Wu)
10:56 PM Ruby master Revision 25a48b70 (git): Update dependencies
alanwu (Alan Wu)

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