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09:00 AM Ruby Wiki edit: DevelopersMeeting20160517Japan (#2)


07:54 AM Ruby trunk Misc #12277 (Open): Coding rule: colum number
Eric proposed that code should be limited in 80 column.
At today's...
03:03 AM Ruby trunk Revision 54556: * test/ruby/test_basicinstructions.rb: add a test to check access
instance variables on special const objects.
All of such objects are frozen, so that we can not set instance


07:21 PM Ruby trunk Bug #12274: accessing to instance variable should be fast.
Tarui-san suggested another way to optimize and this is my version of that technique (with some refactoring).


07:18 AM CommonRuby Feature #12020: Documenting Ruby memory model
Sorry for late to comment on this topic.
(and sorry i don't read all of comments on this topic)
At first, I need ...
06:40 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12236: Introduce `mmap` managed heap
Thank you for your comment.
Eric Wong wrote:
> wrote:
> > * We need to manage x4 more pages. We...
06:28 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11788 (Closed): New ISeq serialize binary format
MRI 2.3 was shipped with this feature.
06:24 AM Ruby Wiki edit: DevelopersMeeting20160413Japan (#13)
06:21 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11954: "self has wrong type to call super in this context" under weird circumstances
Shugo-san, thank you for your investigating.
It seems perfect.
Could you commit it? or should I commit it?
05:57 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12082: Tail-calling method can't catch exception raised by tail-called method
Thank you for reporting and patches.
Nobu's patch seems good. Could you commit it?

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