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08:00 AM Ruby trunk Revision 55743: * debug.c (ruby_debug_printf): use rb_raw_obj_info()
instead of rb_inspect() because it is more robust way
to see object internal.


09:17 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12463: ruby lacks plus-plus
I'm on weak negative with the following two points.
(1) there are only small improvement because only a few progra...
07:12 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12589: VM performance improvement proposal

Do you have interst to visit Japan and discuss Japanese ruby committers?
If you have interst, I will ask ...
06:53 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12543: explicit tail call syntax: foo() then return
Do you have use-cases?
05:51 AM Ruby Wiki edit: DevelopersMeeting20160719Japan (#23)


07:08 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12583 (Closed): Class#instance_methods dumps core
Applied in changeset r55663.
* gc.c (gc_mark_roots): should mark the VM object itself to mark
07:08 AM Ruby trunk Revision 55663: * gc.c (gc_mark_roots): should mark the VM object itself to mark
singleton class of the VM object.
Before this patch, we only set mark bit for the VM object and
invoke mark funct...
05:26 AM Ruby trunk Revision 55656: * iseq.c (Init_ISeq): undef ISeq.translate and ISeq.load_iseq
to prevent calling super classes' methods.
Without this patch, you can write workaround like:
class << RubyVM...
05:19 AM Ruby trunk Revision 55655: * vm_method.c (method_entry_get_without_cache): check
undefined method even if ruby_running is FALSE.
We haven't call "undef"ed methods before ruby_running.
So that t...


08:26 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12299: Add Warning module for customized warning handling

* If C extension shows warning, we can't stop with filen names because the file is caller's file (maybe not a probl...

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