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08:11 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60164 (trunk): revert a part of r60163.
* test/ruby/test_settracefunc.rb (test_trace_point_binding_in_ifunc):
do not need other threads because this script...
07:49 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60163 (trunk): check a thread on TracePoint.
* test/ruby/test_settracefunc.rb: skip if TracePoint probes are invoked by
non-main thread.
05:12 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13998 (Closed): BOM disables "mismatched indentations" warning
`ruby -w` doesn't show "mismatched indentations" when scripts containing BOM.
This issue occurs on Ruby 2.3 and later.


07:12 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13983: Rational and Complex should be frozen
07:11 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13979: Ruby doesn't give error on keyword arguments that you can't refer to
> `Binding#local_variable_get` does not encourage to use such arguments.
But `Binding#local_variable_get` is intro...


01:57 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60093 (trunk): use `ra` instead of new variables.
* file.c (rb_file_s_rename): `struct rename_args ra` already has members
which contain C ptrs. Pointed by MSP-Greg....
01:22 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60092 (trunk): catch up r60088 for DOSISH.
* file.c (rb_file_s_rename): src and dst are used only on DOSISH env.


06:34 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13602 (Feedback): Optimize instance variable access if $VERBOSE is not true when compiling
It seems 5% can not justify this kind of optimization.
We can use your technique when we revert all of optimized i...
06:29 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13608 (Rejected): Add TracePoint#thread
`Thread#current` should be enough.


05:16 AM Ruby trunk Bug #9891 (Closed): infinite fibers crash Ruby
Thank you for your confirmation.

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