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06:46 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58865 (trunk): Add debug counters.
* debug_counter.h: add the following counters to measure object types.
obj_free: freed count
obj_str_ptr: freed c...


07:54 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58788 (trunk): specify unsigned (fix r58784).
* method.h (rb_method_definition_t#type): specify unsigned explicitly.
Some compilers (includes VC) returns negative...
07:34 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13249: Access modifiers don't have an effect inside class methods in Ruby >= 2.3
I will insert warning.
I will not change the current behavior.
07:31 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13483: TracePoint#enable with block for thread-local trace
Matz approved it.
07:26 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13413 (Assigned): --with-static-linked-ext doesn't install extension files on `make install`
07:12 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13373 (Feedback): FileUtils methods for copy, move and remove directories is not providing a...
Could you tell us more details? Your sample code and acquired errors (or output).
06:54 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13324 (Closed): IRB Segmentation Fault from eval infinite loop
Fundamentally, we can't control machine stack overflow.
We will improve the situation (but can't solve completely).
06:52 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13337: Eval and Later Defined Local Variables
This is specification.
(1) parse `example` method and define `foo`.
(2) In `eval` method, compile given string (`...
06:47 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13336: Default Parameters don't work
mame-san: what do you think about it?
06:42 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13330 (Assigned): Array.include? is slow for symbols
Thank you. I'll commit it.

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