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03:28 AM Ruby master Feature #16746: Endless method definition
@nobu implemented `def foo(arg) = expression` in one night. Also, it allows `private def: foo = 42`. Perfect.
mame (Yusuke Endoh)


04:07 PM Ruby master Bug #16749 (Assigned): File.lchmod specs fails on linux since glibc 2.31.9000
Linux now supports lchmod :tada: mame (Yusuke Endoh)
04:03 PM Ruby master Feature #16746 (Assigned): Endless method definition
Okay seriously. You should have written many "simple" method definitions that have only one expression:
# t...
mame (Yusuke Endoh)
12:01 AM Ruby master Feature #16746 (Assigned): Endless method definition
Ruby syntax is full of "end"s. I'm paranoid that the ends end Ruby. I hope Ruby is endless.
So, I'd like to prop...
mame (Yusuke Endoh)
03:54 PM Ruby master Bug #16748 (Rejected): Different behaviour between a hash and multi-Array when passing 2 arguments to a proc
The behavior of 2.5.5 was wrong. `Array#map` yields each element, in this case, `['one', 'two']`, an array of two el... mame (Yusuke Endoh)


12:06 PM Ruby master Bug #16501: Support marshaling of ruby2_keywords flag
This might not be a bug, but the change is needed for #16634 commit:2339be74e737b4c5f5330f845af2e7db0c7450e1, so plea... mame (Yusuke Endoh)
11:19 AM Ruby master Revision 61b7f862 (git): ext/socket/init.c: do not return uninitialized buffer
Resize string buffer only if some data is received in
BasicSocket#read_nonblock and some methods.
Co-Authored-By: Sa...
mame (Yusuke Endoh)


05:17 AM Ruby master Feature #16741: Implement Shellwords.shellescape correctly for Windows
I agree with @znz. IMO, a gem named `cmdwords` or something would be a good start for the feature instead of directl... mame (Yusuke Endoh)
01:06 AM Ruby master Revision 87aebecd (git): spec/ruby/core/time/: Use near time for timezone test
` == (time_with_zone - 60*60).zone` fails when
the time is immediately before the change of...
mame (Yusuke Endoh)
12:09 AM Ruby master Revision 6379c6af (git): spec/bundler/other/platform_spec.rb: skip an attempt to simulate JRuby
mame (Yusuke Endoh)

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