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02:25 PM Ruby trunk Bug #1388 (Rejected): cygwin-1.7, gcc4-4.3, and ruby-1.9. make btest #236 test_io.rb Segmentation fault
Sorry for leaving this ticket untouched, but Ruby 1.9 has been EOL status since a long time ago. If there is anyone ...
01:03 PM Ruby trunk Feature #908 (Rejected): Should be an easy way of reading N characters from am I/O stream
I'm rejecting this issue since it has been stalled for five years. If anyone really needs it, it would be good to re...
12:51 PM Ruby trunk Feature #855: HTTP/1.1 fixes and other enhancements to webrick
Eric Wong,
Could you handle this very old ticket about webrick?


06:07 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14022: String#surround
IMO `"<#{ foo }>"` is more concise than `foo.surround("<", ">")`.


11:38 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60197 (trunk): Improve some annotation names of output of parsetree-with-comment
07:41 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60195 (trunk): Fix the leak in `TestRDocGeneratorDarkfish#test_generated_method_with_html_tag_yield`
07:41 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60194 (trunk): Suppress leak of file descriptors
`Bundler.ui=` in `Gem::TestCase#setup` creates `Bundler::UI::RGProxy`
which inherites `::Gem::SilentUI` whose `initia...


04:59 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60029 (trunk): run-lcov.rb: support overwritten tmpdir path
04:51 AM Ruby trunk Revision 60028 (trunk): tool/run-lcov.rb: Filter tmp files out


02:04 PM Ruby trunk Revision 60020 (trunk): tool/run-lcov.rb: Filter test files out
And refactoring.

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