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01:00 PM Ruby trunk Revision 58817 (trunk): Add coverage measurement mode by using gcov
This experimental feature is only for Ruby-core team, not for casual users.
Usage: `./configure --enable-gcov && mak...
12:23 PM Ruby trunk Revision 58816 (trunk): ripper.c should have `#line "ripper.c"`, not `#line "parse.c"`
The order of sed commands in Makefile of ripper was wrong: it tries to
replace `` with `ripper.c`, but before ...


04:16 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13336: Default Parameters don't work
This is intended. If a method accepts keyword arguments and if its last argument is a hash object, it is considered ...


12:35 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13545 (Closed): Ruby built by clang 4.0.0 parses Float literal wrongly
$ ./configure --prefix=/home/mame/work/local CC=clang
$ make -j 4 miniruby
$ ./miniruby -e 'p 1.18515104415839...


01:42 PM Ruby trunk Revision 58570 (trunk): time.c: avoid taking a pointer to a member of packed struct
clang 4.0.0 emitted a warning: "taking address of packed member
'subsecx' of class or structure 'vtm' may result in a...


08:41 AM Ruby trunk Misc #13514: [PATCH] thread_pthread.c (native_sleep): preserve old unblock function
normalperson (Eric Wong) wrote:
> > However, I can't understand well about changing native_sleep(). Before
> > na...


11:49 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58212 (trunk): Fix two typos
My typo checker :-) found the bugs.


03:14 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13303: String#any? as !String#empty?
duerst (Martin Dürst) wrote:
> [].any? is always true.
No, it is always false. I agree that `String#any?` is a b...


12:26 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13305: Occasional segfaults after defining methods while running coverage
I think I could fix the issue. Nikita, thank you for the very useful report!
11:40 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13305 (Closed): Occasional segfaults after defining methods while running coverage
Applied in changeset r57971.
Fix a consistency bug of ISEQ_COVERAGE [Bug #13305]
There is an invariant t...

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