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09:54 PM Ruby trunk Bug #4841: WEBrick threading leads to infinite loop
Thank you for your quick response!
02:12 PM Ruby trunk Bug #5060: Executables in bin folder conflict with their gem versions.
@hsbt-san, I might be wrong but has this issue been solved by default/bundled gems?
01:36 PM Ruby trunk Feature #4963 (Closed): Refine and Document the Issue Tracking Process
I'm closing this ticket since it is not about ruby's feature. I think it should be discussed at ruby-core mailing list.
12:38 PM Ruby trunk Bug #4841: WEBrick threading leads to infinite loop
normal, could you please check this ticket?


11:49 AM Ruby trunk Bug #4487 (Closed): require_relative fails in an eval'ed file
Now, it works. I'm unsure who changed the behavior... Anyway, closing.
07:18 AM Ruby trunk Feature #4264 (Feedback): General type coercion protocol for Ruby


10:43 PM Ruby trunk Revision 61061 (trunk): eval_intern.h: fix a typo
07:26 AM Ruby trunk Revision 61050 (trunk): compile.c (rb_iseq_compile_node): Move the check for imemo_ifunc to top
Applying nd_type to imemo_ifunc object seems harmless fortunately, but
very dirty (to me).
07:19 AM Ruby trunk Revision 61049 (trunk): vm_core.h (RUBY_EVENT_COVERAGE_BRANCH): renamed
This change moves RUBY_EVENT_COVERAGE from include/ruby/ruby.h to
vm_core.h and renames it to RUBY_EVENT_COVERAGE_BRA...
07:19 AM Ruby trunk Revision 61048 (trunk): Remove RUBY_EVENT_SPECIFIED_LINE
Follow up of r61044

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