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03:43 PM Ruby master Bug #11482 (Closed): Multiple versions of Ruby crashing with simple threaded client/server test
Using the attached client and server scripts, I have been able to quickly crash every version of Ruby I tested from 1... s_p_oneil (Sean O'Neil)


10:27 PM Ruby master Bug #3841 (Closed): RubyVM::InstructionSequence.to_a() and disasm() do not work properly for "for <var> in <list>"
I have been playing with the concept of caching compiled Ruby instruction sequences and reloading them later. For no... s_p_oneil (Sean O'Neil)
09:39 PM Backport192 Backport #3840 (Rejected): Ruby 1.9.2p0 crashes using Rails 3.0 on repeated browser refresh
I'm not certain whether this is a Ruby issue or a Rails issue (or a bit of both). The problem is intermitten...
s_p_oneil (Sean O'Neil)

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