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Reported issues: 166


01:37 PM Ruby trunk Revision 50605: * lib/matrix.rb: Styling
01:36 PM Ruby trunk Revision 50604: * lib/prime.rb: Remove obsolete
patch by Ajay Kumar. [Fixes GH-891]
09:45 AM Ruby trunk Feature #10903: [PATCH] Matrix#zip returns a matrix
Hi, sorry I missed your proposal until now, and thanks for the patch.
Could you explain in what kind of circumstan...


03:52 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11158: Introduce a Symbol.count API as a more efficient alternative to Symbol.all_symbol...
I'd recommend instead to introduce `Symbol.each`, which would accept a block and return an `Enumerable` when none is ...


12:27 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11103 (Rejected): Reassignment in if block that is not ran, causes variable to become nil
12:25 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10967: Is "warning: private attribute?" wrong?
FWIW, I feel that warning should be removed. There are too many false positives, and I suspect very very few cases wh...


10:32 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11007: Prime.each.with_index should accept offset
Looks good, thanks for this.
Only thing is that it would be best to avoid capturing the block (with `&blk`) if it'...


11:45 PM Ruby trunk Revision 49866: * lib/matrix.rb: Add Vector#round. Patch by Jordan Stephens.
[Fixes GH-802]


06:09 PM Ruby trunk Revision 49728: * lib/uri: [doc] Update common.rb [ci-skip] [fixes GH-838]


04:38 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10855: [PATCH] Matrix#inverse returns matrix of integers whenever possible
TBH, I can't think of any legitimate use of `Matrix#/` with integer division. Anyone?
I never really thought of t...

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