Marc-Andre Lafortune





06:21 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12116: `Fixnum#divmod`, `Bignum#divmod` with multiple arguments
Very nice!
06:17 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11816: Partial safe navigation operator
I feel that `a&.b.c += d` is still an assignment, so should be treated with the same precedence.
a = nil


03:29 PM Ruby trunk Bug #12109 (Rejected): Exception during class load can cause partially-loaded class
Closing as this is not a bug.
I don't see any change of the sort happening as both of your expectations make no se...


12:45 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12136: :bar).send :format # => too few arguments
Indeed, latest optimization of `OpenStruct` now allows conflicts with Object private methods.
I didn't realize it,...


05:46 PM Ruby trunk Bug #12140 (Closed): Serialization of OpenStruct objects with YAML fails
Indeed, it's a dupe of #11884.


04:27 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12012 (Rejected): Add Boolean method
Please see discussion for #11848.


06:55 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11816: Partial safe navigation operator
So if I understand correctly, you like the current behavior, although it is not useful in any circumstance I can thin...
02:36 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11816: Partial safe navigation operator
Dear Matz,
Any update on the precedence of `&.`?


01:02 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11975 (Rejected): Range#last is not consistent and possibly does not do what is expected.
This is intentional and documented:
"Note that with no arguments +last+ will return the object that defines the en...


07:20 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11967 (Rejected): Mixing kwargs with optional parameters changes way method parameters are p...
This behavior may be surprising but it is intentional.
It boils down to giving priority to filling keyword argumen...

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