Marc-Andre Lafortune





04:27 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12012 (Rejected): Add Boolean method
Please see discussion for #11848.


06:55 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11816: Partial safe navigation operator
So if I understand correctly, you like the current behavior, although it is not useful in any circumstance I can thin...
02:36 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11816: Partial safe navigation operator
Dear Matz,
Any update on the precedence of `&.`?


01:02 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11975 (Rejected): Range#last is not consistent and possibly does not do what is expected.
This is intentional and documented:
"Note that with no arguments +last+ will return the object that defines the en...


07:20 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11967 (Rejected): Mixing kwargs with optional parameters changes way method parameters are p...
This behavior may be surprising but it is intentional.
It boils down to giving priority to filling keyword argumen...


08:47 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11966 (Closed): YAML#load fails with OpenStruct object
Thanks for filing this. Already fixed, see #11884.


05:34 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11901: Performance Issue with OpenStruct
Yui NARUSE wrote:
> Could you fix rubyspec?
Great, that was a bug
I made an easy fix so `method_missing` doesn...
05:27 PM Ruby trunk Revision 53407: * lib/ostruct.rb: Fix case of frozen object with initializer.
Bug revealed by RubySpec [ruby-core:72639]


05:40 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11901: Performance Issue with OpenStruct
Indeed, the test in `new_ostruct_member` was incorrect now that `respond_to_missing?` has been changed.
Instead, i...
05:37 AM Ruby trunk Revision 53395: * lib/ostruct.rb: Fix new_ostruct_member to correctly avoid redefinition

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