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05:24 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14699: Subtle behaviors with endless range
I believe `(0..).max(3)` and `(0..).max {|a, b| a <=> b }` can not return `nil`. They should either hang or (seems mo...
02:18 PM CommonRuby Feature #14697: Introducing Range#% as an alias to Range#step
I am not convinced that `step` is used enough to justify this. I know I basically never use it. Here's the number of ...


05:11 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14674: New mismatched indentations warnings?
I strongly believe that it is not Ruby's parser job to warn us about styling, especially if there's no strong reason ...


05:43 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14674 (Closed): New mismatched indentations warnings?
I recently got a failure in my test suite because ruby head warns of indentation it considers mismatched:
$ r...


02:08 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14639: Array#map and lambda arity regression
Good checking.
Indeed, #9605 introduced lambda arity relaxation and this announced in the 2.2 NEWS.
Looks like ...


05:20 PM Ruby trunk Bug #5273: Float#round returns the wrong floats for higher precision
mame (Yusuke Endoh) wrote:
> Marc-Andre, let me know if I am wrong.
I agree with everything you wrote :-)


08:23 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14583 (Feedback): #method() is reporting the wrong self in exception
Oops, misread your report, sorry. Previous answer removed.
Now I'd say that it's a third party issue (pry), unless...


04:57 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14546: Hash#delete!
As Matz clearly stated, even if a long time ago, bang is not strictly for mutating versions of methods. Note that the...


04:32 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14468: Add Proc#dig
I don't oppose it, but I'm not very enthusiastic about it. `Integer` and `String` also respond_to `[]`, and I don't q...


11:52 PM Ruby trunk Revision b16eaf86 (ruby-git): lib/ostruct.rb: Use `FrozenError` instead of `RuntimeError`.
Patch by Yuuji Yaginuma. [Fixes GH-1808]
In other classes, `FrozenError` will be raised if change the frozen

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