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02:35 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11424 (Rejected): Documentation bug: Module: Enumerable, detect
`find` and `detect` are aliases.
They share their documentation.
02:33 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10856: Splat with empty keyword args gives unexpected results
I feel this has to be fixed.
foo(**{}) should === foo(** in all cases, and I feel it should not raise an ...


06:31 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11422 (Rejected): All common set operations produce incorrect (and surprising) results on a ...
This is as per spec, a set of sets is not the same as the union of those sets.
You may want to use `abc = ab + c` ...


01:37 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11361: proposal for easy method to nil-guard for generated variable name.
Isn't this simpler (and easier to read):
@cache ||= {}
@cache[id] ||= User.find(1)
I can't recall ever...


01:48 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11325 (Rejected): Block is passed to initializer implicitly even when I asked not to.
It may be surprising to you, but this is by design.
You have to explicitly pass an empty block when using `super`:...


05:25 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11296: Proc#arity returns weird value for non-lambda proc with optional arguments
This is intentional, as per #5694 (note 22). It is not really related to #7765.
FWIW, I still believe it was not t...


02:22 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11286: [PATCH] Add case equality arity to Enumerable's sequence predicates.
I agree. Assigning to Matz


02:38 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11158: Introduce a Symbol.count API as a more efficient alternative to Symbol.all_symbol...
Franck Verrot wrote:
> I'm not sure to fully understand why we make `Symbol` extend `Enumerable` rather than returni...


03:49 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11007 (Closed): Prime.each.with_index should accept offset
03:49 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11007: Prime.each.with_index should accept offset
Committed, thank you very much for the patch.
Found a small bug, btw, it's important to pass arguments to `enum_fo...

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