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02:41 PM ruby-trunk Bug #9723 (Rejected): #size does not trigger evaluation of lazy enumerator.
The purpose of `size` is to return the number of elements yielded by an Enumerator without consuming it, i.e. without...


05:46 PM ruby-trunk Revision 45528: * lib/matrix.rb: Add Matrix#cofactor [fix GH-568]
Patch by gogotanaka
05:45 PM ruby-trunk Revision 45527: * lib/matrix.rb: Add first_minor [fix GH-568]
Patch by gogotanaka
05:45 PM ruby-trunk Revision 45526: * test/matrix/test_matrix: Add tests for trivial cases [fix GH-576]
Patch by gogotanaka
05:45 PM ruby-trunk Revision 45524: * lib/matrix: Handle empty diagonal matrix case [fix GH-576]
Patch by gogotanaka


07:15 PM ruby-trunk Bug #9660 (Open): test/unit, minitest & bundler
test/unit now calls `gem 'minitest'`, but this will create regressions for anyone using `bundler`.
For example, cr...


08:50 PM ruby-trunk Feature #9347: Accept non callable argument to detect
I agree, an optional argument would be best. I'll propose a patch. Could we use `if_none` though?


05:49 PM ruby-trunk Feature #9650: String#size versus String#length
It would probably cause a lot of breakage.
More importantly, why would it be an improvement? What's wrong with usi...


09:17 PM ruby-trunk Feature #9587: Integer#times with optional starting value
How exactly would it be easier than `1.upto(6)`?
02:14 AM Backport21 Backport #9299 (Open): Required keyowrd arguments and arity
Naruse-san: You're right, the rdoc of Proc#arity was quite out of date. I've committed r45236-r45238 (04042ec6eb4..47...

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