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04:41 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10100 (Closed): Document usage of RB_GC_GUARD in README.EXT
I see more and more extensions and ruby code using this and yet it is undocumented. Eric posted this - http://blade.n...


11:04 AM Ruby trunk Bug #9122 (Feedback): requiring readline in a spawned ruby process with new process group can han...
Lets say I have a program:
~> cat a.rb
require "pty"
require "io/console"
puts "Starting"
m, s = PTY.open


01:59 PM Ruby trunk Bug #5154 (Closed): method_missing and module scope, regression in 1.9.3
There is this bug against, factory_girl, for complete story


02:31 PM Ruby trunk Feature #5088: Refactor and Document vm_method.c / method.h
Please submit any improvement with a patch. It is pointless to open a request without a patch and with due...


03:32 AM Ruby trunk Bug #965 (Closed): make clean errors - 1.9.1 branch
$ make clean
[: 10: ==: unexpected operator
cleaning tk/tkutil
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/heman...


02:34 AM Ruby trunk Bug #703: string output duplication occurs if the same file descriptor written to in different th...
I do not see this problem, with:

ruby 1.9.0 (2008-09-30 revision 0) [i686-linux]


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