Heesob Park


Reported issues: 117


02:51 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11223: Rake SignalException: SIGSEGV
It is a duplicate of Bug #10978 or #11089


01:48 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11118: Unable to build Ruby with Visual Studio 2015 RC
This issue is due to the runtime name change.
Since the Visual Studio 2014, the runtime is vcruntime140.dll.


09:35 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10978: [mswin32, mswin64] SignalException: SIGSEGV
I guess this issue is a duplicate of Bug #10941


03:28 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10920 (Rejected): uninitialized constant LoadErroe
I can see the following error during installation of stable snapshot
`./tool/rbinstall.rb:714:in `rescue in block ...


02:19 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10834: Segmentation fault when I try to do rails server in Windows 7 home edition 64bits
I guess this issue is a duplicate of https://bugs.ruby-lang.org/issues/8591


02:12 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10579: Segmentation fault at 0x00000000000000
The root cause of this issue is openssl.so.
C:\>ruby -ropenssl.so -e "ObjectSpace.each_object{|obj| p obj}"


12:57 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10045: SegFault in BigDecimal in 2.1.2p95
It seems that this bug is a duplicate of bug #9657.
The bug was fixed and backported to ruby-2.1.2


08:50 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10029: miss probes.h when nmake
The version 6.00.8168.0 of nmake.exe is a part of Visual Studio 6.0.
It seems that ruby-2.1.2 cannot be built with V...


09:27 AM Ruby trunk Bug #9958: rails server error
It seems that this issue is a duplicate of Bug #9411, #8591


05:30 AM Ruby trunk Bug #9951: DateTime.strftime and Time.strftime differ in how they treat "%L"
Time seems to truncate the fraction of second in strftime.
Here is a patch
diff --git a/strftime.c b/s...

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