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06:05 AM Ruby master Bug #12415: Dir#pos reports invalid position after Dir#read
This is not a bug.
The return value of Dir#pos is just the return value of telldir().
The return values of telldir(...
phasis68 (Heesob Park)


09:43 AM Ruby master Bug #11854 (Closed): Socket.for_fd(-1) causes segmentaion fault on mingw32.
The following command causes segmentation fault on mingw32 built version
C:>ruby -rsocket -ve 'Socket.for_fd(...
phasis68 (Heesob Park)


02:51 AM Ruby master Bug #11223: Rake SignalException: SIGSEGV
It is a duplicate of Bug #10978 or #11089 phasis68 (Heesob Park)


01:48 AM Ruby master Bug #11118: Unable to build Ruby with Visual Studio 2015 RC
This issue is due to the runtime name change.
Since the Visual Studio 2014, the runtime is vcruntime140.dll.
phasis68 (Heesob Park)


09:35 AM Ruby master Bug #10978: [mswin32, mswin64] SignalException: SIGSEGV
I guess this issue is a duplicate of Bug #10941
phasis68 (Heesob Park)


03:28 AM Ruby master Bug #10920 (Rejected): uninitialized constant LoadErroe
I can see the following error during installation of stable snapshot
`./tool/rbinstall.rb:714:in `rescue in block ...
phasis68 (Heesob Park)


02:19 PM Ruby master Bug #10834: Segmentation fault when I try to do rails server in Windows 7 home edition 64bits
I guess this issue is a duplicate of
phasis68 (Heesob Park)


02:12 PM Ruby master Bug #10579: Segmentation fault at 0x00000000000000
The root cause of this issue is
C:\>ruby -e "ObjectSpace.each_object{|obj| p obj}"
phasis68 (Heesob Park)


12:57 PM Ruby master Bug #10045: SegFault in BigDecimal in 2.1.2p95
It seems that this bug is a duplicate of bug #9657.
The bug was fixed and backported to ruby-2.1.2
phasis68 (Heesob Park)


08:50 AM Ruby master Bug #10029: miss probes.h when nmake
The version 6.00.8168.0 of nmake.exe is a part of Visual Studio 6.0.
It seems that ruby-2.1.2 cannot be built with V...
phasis68 (Heesob Park)

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