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11:56 PM Ruby master Bug #11916 (Closed): Fix delegating to 'args' and 'block'
If you have a class that uses Forwardable to delegate a method to
another object, and the method that returns the de...
mcmire (Elliot Winkler)
09:50 PM Ruby master Bug #11913 (Closed): make fails when using a custom build directory
Hi there. I've been trying to submit a bugfix, and in doing so I realized that I had to compile Ruby so that I could ... mcmire (Elliot Winkler)


10:34 AM Ruby master Bug #8507: Keyword splat does not convert arg to Hash
So let's think about why we have `splat(*nil)`. Ordinarily you wouldn't write this code like that of course, but you ... mcmire (Elliot Winkler)
10:14 AM Ruby master Feature #8614: Object#singleton_class with a block
I'm not sure I like this, but I do agree about the use case. What about adding a method `singleton_class_eval` instead? mcmire (Elliot Winkler)

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