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05:17 AM Ruby master Feature #16986: Anonymous Struct literal
> hoge {{a: 1, b: 2}} is not syntax error. {{a: 1, b: 2}} is block argument.
> That means {{ itself is not a syntax ...
okuramasafumi (Masafumi OKURA)


05:56 PM Ruby master Feature #16986: Anonymous Struct literal
I found that
``` ruby
{{a: 1, b: 2}}
is a syntax error and could be a good candidate for this feature.
okuramasafumi (Masafumi OKURA)


08:22 AM Ruby master Feature #15829: Object#then_if(condition){}
How about `call`ing a condition object if it's callable instead of simply using value as a condition?
class O...
okuramasafumi (Masafumi OKURA)


05:46 AM Ruby master Feature #16142 (Open): Implement code_range in Proc and Method
# Abstract
Add a new method `code_range` as an alternative to `source_location` to Proc and Method
# Background...
okuramasafumi (Masafumi OKURA)


12:28 PM Ruby master Feature #16137 (Open): Add === to UnboundMethod
# Abstract
`UnboundMethod` class should have `=== ` so that it can be used in case statement.
# Background
okuramasafumi (Masafumi OKURA)


03:19 AM Ruby master Revision 042be439 (git): Improve the doc example of `method_missing`
Improvements are:
* Use `symbol` instead of `methId`, described in doc
* Add `*args` following method signature
* Res...
okuramasafumi (Masafumi OKURA)


11:52 PM Ruby master Revision efd37f8f (git): Remove redundant each from `sum` example (#2190) [ci skip]
It used to be `Enumerator#sum`, now it's range of string which calls
`Enumerable#sum` and causes TypeError.
okuramasafumi (Masafumi OKURA)


05:21 PM Ruby master Revision 74726691 (git): Add details about parameters to define_method doc (#2165)
When we use `define_method` and `define_singleton_method`,
if we supply block parameters to a block then a generated
okuramasafumi (Masafumi OKURA)


03:43 PM Ruby master Revision 559cad9f (git): Improve doc for Enumerable#include? and member?
Existing doc for Enumerable#include? and member? has some problems.
* `IO.constants` is not commonly used, and only s...
okuramasafumi (Masafumi OKURA)


03:35 AM Ruby master Revision 7fe04850 (git): Add class ref to `UnboundMethod#owner` doc
It refers to `Method#receiver` in the doc, but
there's no class reference in current doc.
Some tools automatically ma...
okuramasafumi (Masafumi OKURA)

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