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12:07 AM Ruby master Revision 7e506716 (git): Newly generated gems require Ruby 2.6.0
In 2021, Ruby 2.5 and older are EOL.
We can set the default required Ruby version to 2.6.0 to
encourage people to use...
okuramasafumi (Masafumi OKURA)


04:18 AM Ruby master Revision 8d5292f7 (git): Trim extra whitespace in inaccesible error message
One whitespace is already included in `inaccessible_mesg_for` macro.
This extra whitespace is included since 72ff61f4...
okuramasafumi (Masafumi OKURA)


01:56 PM Ruby master Feature #17333: Enumerable#many?
Here are a usecase where we could use `many?` over `count` for better performance.
okuramasafumi (Masafumi OKURA)


08:15 AM Ruby master Feature #17333: Enumerable#many?
> Now, many? has at most as less motivation as one? has. It must be backed up by use cases. What are its use cases?
okuramasafumi (Masafumi OKURA)


01:12 PM Ruby master Feature #17333: Enumerable#many?
Pull Request is here:
okuramasafumi (Masafumi OKURA)
01:01 PM Ruby master Feature #17333: Enumerable#many?
okuramasafumi (Masafumi OKURA) wrote:
> Currently we need to write something this:
> ```ruby
> [1, 2, 3].cou...
okuramasafumi (Masafumi OKURA)
12:58 PM Ruby master Feature #17333 (Open): Enumerable#many?
`Enumerable#many?` method is implemented in ActiveSupport.
okuramasafumi (Masafumi OKURA)


05:17 AM Ruby master Feature #16986: Anonymous Struct literal
> hoge {{a: 1, b: 2}} is not syntax error. {{a: 1, b: 2}} is block argument.
> That means {{ itself is not a syntax ...
okuramasafumi (Masafumi OKURA)


05:56 PM Ruby master Feature #16986: Anonymous Struct literal
I found that
``` ruby
{{a: 1, b: 2}}
is a syntax error and could be a good candidate for this feature.
okuramasafumi (Masafumi OKURA)


08:22 AM Ruby master Feature #15829: Object#then_if(condition){}
How about `call`ing a condition object if it's callable instead of simply using value as a condition?
class O...
okuramasafumi (Masafumi OKURA)

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