jonathanhefner (Jonathan Hefner)




10:05 PM Ruby master Feature #15799: pipeline operator
Eregon (Benoit Daloze) wrote:
> Also, if we actually introduce a pipeline operator, I think it's much more useful ...
jonathanhefner (Jonathan Hefner)


04:56 PM Ruby master Feature #1089: Stable sorting for sort and sort_by
One use case I have for a stable sort is a large CSV file which is tracked in a git repository. I have a script whic... jonathanhefner (Jonathan Hefner)
02:41 PM Ruby master Feature #11076: Enumerable method count_by
> "map + select" is much more frequent, but it is not introduced yet
I think it would also be nice if `filter_map`...
jonathanhefner (Jonathan Hefner)


10:27 PM Ruby master Bug #15816 (Open): String#casecmp compares uppercase characters instead of lowercase
The current implementation of `String#casecmp` converts characters to uppercase before comparing them. However, all ... jonathanhefner (Jonathan Hefner)


04:38 PM Ruby master Feature #14784: Comparable#clamp with a range
I agree this would be a useful feature. I have a library that implements this as `Comparable#at_least(min)` and `Com... jonathanhefner (Jonathan Hefner)

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