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07:44 PM Ruby master Revision 2b6848af (git): [ruby/irb] Require jruby lib to get JRuby.compile_ir headius (Charles Nutter)


12:09 AM Ruby master Bug #16383: TracePoint does not report calls to attribute reader methods
> On microbenchmark, it is 30% slower, so we need to invent a hack to support it.
In JRuby, that hack is called th...
headius (Charles Nutter)


10:49 PM Ruby master Revision e57dd8c2 (git): Mask RubyVM-specific test
headius (Charles Nutter)


02:42 PM Ruby master Revision 03f9e874 (git): Don't tweak RubyVM compile options if it's not defined
headius (Charles Nutter)


10:27 PM Ruby master Feature #16663 (Open): Add block or filtered forms of Kernel#caller to allow early bail-out
There are many libraries that use `caller` or `caller_locations` to gather stack information for logging or instrumen... headius (Charles Nutter)


12:01 AM Ruby master Feature #16614: New method cache mechanism for Guild
> In current TruffleRuby, every module has an Assumption, and we simply collect the Assumption of every module we wen... headius (Charles Nutter)


06:33 PM Ruby master Feature #16614: New method cache mechanism for Guild
> does this has any effect or is affected by method missing?
In JRuby, the lookup of method_missing is cached, and...
headius (Charles Nutter)
06:09 PM Ruby master Feature #16614: New method cache mechanism for Guild
This is very nearly how JRuby works today.
Each class has a local cache of method lookups. This cache and call sit...
headius (Charles Nutter)


03:15 PM Ruby master Revision 569f56e0 (git): [ruby/io-console] Filter Ruby engine name rather than just /ruby/
This breaks tests using this path on JRuby because the `jruby`
executable turns into `jjruby` after the sub.
headius (Charles Nutter)


09:18 PM Ruby master Feature #15605: json library needs more frequent releases
I can build and push the json gem for JRuby any time. I'm on the ruby-lang slack today, just tell me what repo/branch... headius (Charles Nutter)

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