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03:25 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11869 (Open): random hang/SegFault when accessing a missing constant in irb
While testing ruby-2.2.4 on Fedora 22, I noticed that sometimes ruby would hang or segfault when accessing a missing ...


11:49 PM Ruby trunk Misc #11520: Inconsistent behavior in Array#compact!
Ah, I was unaware that was the intention. I guess I should use `.tap(&:compact!)` instead. This issue can be closed.
07:43 PM Ruby trunk Misc #11520 (Rejected): Inconsistent behavior in Array#compact!
I noticed that `Array#compact!` sometimes returns `self` and other times `nil`. This behavior was a bit confusing.


06:58 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11312 (Open): Add Resolv::DNS::Resource::IN::SPF
The SPF type record (RFC4408 Section 3.1.1) is quite common now. The resolv library should probably support it. As a ...


04:25 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11305 (Open): [ipaddr] include the IP address in question within the InvalidAddressError exception message
The ipaddr.rb library has a father complex and custom parser. If an IP address fails to parse, it will raise an Inval...


10:17 PM Ruby trunk Feature #5480: remove GServer from stdlib
For those that absolutely need to use GServer, it's also available on rubygems.


10:25 PM Ruby trunk Bug #9010: ./configure --prefix= cannot handle directories with spaces
Still hitting this with ruby 2.2.1.
## Steps To Reproduce
mkdir "$PWD/fake home"
export HOME="$PWD/fak...


08:19 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10955 (Open): invoke_block_from_c segfault
I noticed that when a RSpec subject is self-referential, it causes infinite recursion and SegFaults ruby.
## Steps...


02:23 AM Ruby trunk Feature #10912 (Closed): Add method(s) to IPAddr for determining whether an address is link local
I was surprised to find that IPAddr has no methods for determining whether an address is a link local address (ie RFC...


11:36 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10911 (Open): should ignore zone identifiers
Link local IPv6 addresses may have a zone identifier suffix:
fe80::1%lo0 currently does not igno...

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