Hal Brodigan


Reported issues: 35


10:17 PM Ruby trunk Feature #5480: remove GServer from stdlib
For those that absolutely need to use GServer, it's also available on rubygems.
* https://rubygems.org/gems/gserve...


10:25 PM Ruby trunk Bug #9010: ./configure --prefix= cannot handle directories with spaces
Still hitting this with ruby 2.2.1.
## Steps To Reproduce
mkdir "$PWD/fake home"
export HOME="$PWD/fak...


08:19 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10955 (Open): invoke_block_from_c segfault
I noticed that when a RSpec subject is self-referential, it causes infinite recursion and SegFaults ruby.
## Steps...


02:23 AM Ruby trunk Feature #10912 (Open): Add method(s) to IPAddr for determining whether an address is link local
I was surprised to find that IPAddr has no methods for determining whether an address is a link local address (ie RFC...


11:36 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10911 (Open): IPAddr.new should ignore zone identifiers
Link local IPv6 addresses may have a zone identifier suffix:
IPAddr.new currently does not igno...


10:20 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10581 (Open): OpenSSL::ASN1 fails to decode DKIM public keys
Recently I needed to decode a DKIM public key. I found that OpenSSL::ASN1 failed to decode the key, while Krypt::ASN1...


02:27 AM Ruby trunk Bug #9312: Build the ruby executable in bin/
Fedora Linux 19 x86-64


11:08 PM Backport21 Backport #9482: backport r44809 and r44811
The short-term solution would be to backport the updates to psych's vendored libyaml 0.1.4. The long-term solution is...


05:48 AM Ruby trunk Feature #9445: Support emitting 1.9 Symbol keyword Hash syntax when pretty printing Hashes
While it may not be pretty, it is still valid Ruby syntax. If others disagree with mixing the two syntaxes, I can adj...
05:33 AM Ruby trunk Feature #9439: Remove OpenSSL from stdlib
Just like to point out that unless the indexes and metadata exposed by api.rubygems.org is somehow cryptographically ...

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