Hiroshi Shirosaki



Reported issues: 38


04:23 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11683: multi-threaded autoload and defined? sometimes fails
If I add `sleep 0.01` in threads, the test more likely to fail on my Ubuntu 15.10 machine.
require 'tempf...


01:51 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11683 (Open): multi-threaded autoload and defined? sometimes fails
I get the following failure. This is a multi-threaded autoload and defined? method test.
If I add wait queue code in...


09:09 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11680 (Closed): LD_PRELOAD setting causes child process crash on mingw
I see make test-all failures on mingw with msys2.
TestMiniTestUnitTestCase#test_assert_equal_different_long =...
08:43 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11679 (Closed): Partial name of coding is allowed at magic comment
Encoding of magic comment is allowed by just `c: ...`.
Is this expected result or not?
$ cat test.rb
# -*...


05:02 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11658: Segmentation fault with activeadmin test suite
I found a test that causes deadlock.
diff --git a/test/ruby/test_autoload.rb b/test/ruby/test_autoload.rb


09:43 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10304 (Closed): File.expand_path crashes with tilde on Windows
`File.expand_path` crashes with user home which starts with tilde using mingw ruby.


02:40 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10230 (Closed): make install fails with mingw ruby
`make install` fails with mingw ruby on Windows MSYS environemnt.
ruby 2.2.0dev (2014-09-11 trunk 47535) [i386-min...


08:16 AM Ruby trunk Bug #8000: "require 'tk'" segfaults on 64-bit linux with Tk 8.6
I see the crash with ruby trunk and Tk 8.6.1 on Ubuntu Linux x86_64.
It seems calling `__orig_namespace_command__` c...


06:44 AM Ruby trunk Bug #9972 (Closed): tcltklib.c: a lot warnings format '%lx' on x64 mingw
I see the following warnings while building mingw x64 ruby.
VALUE is not long but long long on Windows x64.


01:57 AM Backport21 Backport #9845 (Closed): Backport r45954
Please backport r45954 because fix of #8358 is incomplete on mingw.

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