Tsuyoshi Sawada


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02:38 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11747: "bury" feature, similar to 'dig' but opposite
> inferred from the what the user is passing (such as a symbol or string for a hash or an integer for an array)


04:47 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11691 (Closed): Permission denied @ rb_sysopen did_you_mean-1.0.0.beta3.gemspec
When I ruby Ruby, I get this error:
/usr/local/lib/ruby/2.3.0/rubygems/stub_specification.rb:80:in `initializ...


04:51 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11537: Introduce "Safe navigation operator"
The `&&` and `try` are different. I am considering the `&&` version.
Since we already have:
a &&= b


08:41 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11568 (Closed): Misleading warning for duplicate keys in a hash
When a hash literal has duplicate keys as follows,
a: "foo",
a: "bar",
the warning m...


08:18 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11473: Immutable String literal in Ruby 3
As for a "finer-grained range than a whole file" directive, it reminds me of the `using` method. Their scope look sim...


05:51 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11471 (Closed): min, min_by, max, max_by with optional parameter return a wrong value
This is reported in StackOverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32121749/why-20-13-14-min2-13-20. Sometimes `mi...


08:35 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11309: Iterator over string matches
Martin Dürst wrote:
> What do you think looks too Perlish? Is it just the $`?
That is one. But a more severe one ...


02:58 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11309: Iterator over string matches
Oops, I meant `pre_match`, not `post_match`. Sorry.
02:55 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11309 (Open): Iterator over string matches
This was hinted from a problem in stackoverflow (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/31074050/build-list-of-strings-co...
04:47 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11308 (Open): Optional `include_super=true` parameter for `*method_defined?` methods
I request the following methods in the `Module` class:
* `method_defined?`
* `private_method_defined?`
* `protec...

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