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03:37 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12059 (Open): `Array#single?`, `Hash#single?`
There are some use cases when one wants to check if an array or a hash has exactly one element. I propose `Array#sing...


12:18 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12047: Set#=== (aliased to include?)
I think that is ad hoc. Splat could be used, just like with arrays.
case my_command


12:06 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11868: Proposal for RubyVM::InstructionSequence.compile to return an object containing t...
If the character position can be achieved in addition to the line number, then the "hint" can be reconstructed. (Howe...


08:43 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11678: ability to comment out methods in a multi-line method chain without needing a new...
It is a duplicate of


06:09 PM Ruby trunk Misc #12004: Code of Conduct
Vjatseslav Gedrovits, thank you for reminding us of the nature of the poster of this thread by linking to: (https://t...
02:56 AM Ruby trunk Misc #12004: Code of Conduct
Kurtis Rainbolt-Greene wrote:
> I'm glad we're getting a community guideline.
> I'll be happier when we also ge...


02:40 AM Ruby trunk Misc #12004: Code of Conduct
Benton Barnett wrote:
> That being said, the most popular Code of Conduct that has been proposed so far is the Contr...


05:56 AM Ruby trunk Misc #12004: Code of Conduct
David Celis wrote:
> Steve Shreeve wrote:
> > I agree wholeheartedly with Matz. There is no need for this CoC. Thes...
05:18 AM Ruby trunk Misc #12004: Code of Conduct
Strand McCutchen wrote:
> If Ruby can't adopt a code of conduct which specifies clearly how maintainers will enforce...


09:09 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11997: A method to read a file with interpolations
> Why not erb?
Erb syntax is too much noise to me. It is centered toward html (it resembles html tagging), which i...

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