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12:14 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14022: String#surround
I admit that now we can use `yield_self`. I didn't think interpolation was elegant enough, but I think I can live wit...


04:45 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14580: Hash#store accepts a block
Why not write `hash[:a]+= 42`?
04:44 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14585: Array#each_pair
I think you have the wrong data structure in the first place. I think you either should have an array of arrays of le...


04:57 AM Ruby trunk Feature #4824: Provide method Kernel#executed?
From the code `__FILE__ == $0`, we can tell that what matters is that this condition is within the main file that is ...


08:39 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14559 (Open): ENV.slice
I would like to request `ENV.slice`, which should behave analogous to `Hash#slice`.
ENV.slice("PATH", "FO...
06:30 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14546: Hash#delete!
What is wrong with using `fetch`?
{a: "a"}.fetch(:b) # => KeyError: key not found: :b


10:24 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14468: Add Proc#dig
I am also not a fan of this particular case, but I think it makes sense to let `dig` call `fetch` (or `[]`) recursive...


06:02 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14443: Omit 'pattern' parameter in '(g)sub(!)' when 'hash' is given
If creation of the union is done within C-Ruby code, I believe that should be more efficient than having the `pattern...
05:58 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14443 (Open): Omit 'pattern' parameter in '(g)sub(!)' when 'hash' is given
When `(g)sub(!)` takes a hash as the second argument, in almost all use cases, the first argument expresses the union...


11:07 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11816: Partial safe navigation operator
znz (Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA) wrote:
> marcandre (Marc-Andre Lafortune) wrote:
> > As a reminder, there's currently no r...

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