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06:20 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14022: String#surround
@mame In addition to conciseness, I often need to do this kind of string formatting after having done a long method c...
04:43 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14022: String#surround
I would like both destructive and non-destructive versions of the method.
04:38 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14022 (Open): String#surround
After joining the elements of an array into a string using `Array#join`, I frequently need to put substrings before a...


08:38 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13807 (Open): A method to filter the receiver against some condition
I frequently see code that uses some value if that value satisfies a certain condition, and something else otherwise....


10:13 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13645: Syntactic sugar for indexing when using the safe navigation operator
Duplicate of


01:25 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13395: Add a method to check for not nil
Many methods that take a block come in positive-negative pairs, unlike `count`. I am not sure how frequent the use ca...


06:40 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13314: dig=
Was this syntactically not allowed? If so, sorry.
06:38 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13314 (Open): dig=
We have `Hash#dig`, and when we want to assign a key-value at a deep level, it is tempting to do:


04:28 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13309 (Rejected): Locale paramter for Integer(), Float(), Rational()
Matz' comment to my proposal on `Kernel#Boolean()` ( led me to the idea of in...


05:05 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13290: A method to use a hash like in a case construction
Yusuke Endoh wrote:
> ~~~~
> h.find {|a,| a === "barbar" }.last #=> "BAR"
> ~~~~
> This is good enough to me....

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