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11:25 PM Ruby trunk Revision 50318: * doc/extension.ja.rdoc: Added description of TypedData_XXX.
Deprecated the old DATA_XXX.
Reviewed by ko1 and nobu.
Fixes [ruby-dev:40881] #3064
* doc/extension.rdoc: ditto.


02:22 PM Ruby trunk Misc #11061 (Closed): doc/extension.ja.rdoc 査読依頼
doc/extension.ja.rdoc がTypedData_XXXではなくData_XXXにしか触れていないため,今なお新しい拡張ライブラリがData_XXXで作られ続けています.


12:19 PM Backport22 Revision 48095: Fix PNaCl configure/link errors.
* configure.in (nacl_cv_cpu_nick): fix typo in PNaCl.
(XCFLAGS) Add -isystem flag to pnacl and nacl-newlib
12:19 PM Backport22 Revision 48094: * common.mk (build-ext): avoid trying to build dynamic libraries
if configured --with-static-linked-ext.
12:32 AM Backport22 Revision 48083: * nacl/pepper_main.c (Instance_DidCreate): mount devfs and rebind fd 0
.. 2 so that stderr goes to the console of the browser.


03:23 PM Backport22 Revision 48078: Enable nacl_io in pepper-ruby.
* configure.in (XCFLAGS): Add include path for NaCl libraries.
(XLDFLAGS): ditto.
(NACL_LIB_PATH): new stubstitut...


04:39 PM Backport22 Revision 47888: * file.c: include sys/time.h only if HAVE_SYS_TIME_H
01:33 PM Backport22 Revision 47884: * file.c (HAVE_UTIMENSAT): disabled for NativeClient.
Fixes build error.
01:33 PM Backport22 Revision 47883: * ext/extmk.rb: generates the rule for extinit.$(OBJEXT).
extinit.$(OBJEXT) used to be generated by the builtin rule, thus
didn't accept custom $(CC) and caused linkage erro...
01:33 PM Backport22 Revision 47882: Fixes build failures on Portable Native Client.
Note: Some of the fixes are for newlib in general but not NaCl-specific.
* include/ruby/intern.h (rb_fd_select): dec...

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