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02:32 AM ruby-trunk Revision 44590: * vm_exec.c (cfp): Fixes a SEGV issue in r44554.
r11 can be broken by subroutine and sometimes causes SEGV at
runtime. Use r13 instead.


04:21 AM Backport21 Revision 41982: * lib/prime.rb (Prime::EratosthenesGenerator,
Prime::EratosthenesSieve): New implementation by
robertjlooby <robertjlooby AT gmail.com>.
* test/test_prime.rb: u...


04:13 PM Ruby Wiki edit: CommitterHowto (#42)


02:08 AM Backport21 Revision 40680: * ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c: Disabled OpenSSL::SSL::SSLSocket if
This fixes a linkage error on platforms which do not have socket.
OpenSSL itself is st...


12:22 PM Backport200 Backport #8235 (Closed): Please backport r40103
12:22 PM Backport200 Backport #8234 (Closed): Please backport r40102
11:31 AM Backport21 Revision 40185: * ext/depend (ENCOBJS, TRANSOBJS): Add missing dependencies.
07:10 AM Backport21 Revision 40183: Fixes a build failure of ext/ripper/ripper.c on building out of place.
* common.mk (id.h, id.c): Always generated in $(srcdir).
(ext/ripper/ripper.c): Passes $(PATH_SEPARATOR) too to the s...


08:01 AM Backport21 Revision 40103: * thread_pthread.c: Fixes wrong scopes of #if USE_SLEEPY_TIMER_THREAD
.. #endif sections. This fixes a build error on NativeClient.
08:01 AM Backport21 Revision 40102: * thread_pthread.c (ruby_init_stack): Avoid using uninitialized value.
stackaddr and size are not set if get_stack() fails.

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