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06:44 AM Ruby master Feature #17470: Introduce non-blocking `Timeout.timeout`
It appears that `Timeout.timeout` does not work when a Fiber scheduler is set, regardless of the implementation, even... jsc (Justin Collins)


07:00 PM Ruby master Feature #15541: Add alias symbolize_keys for symbolize_names kwarg for JSON.parse
This would be a nice simple addition, as I have gotten this wrong several times. `JSON.parse` does not raise any erro... jsc (Justin Collins)


12:01 AM Ruby master Revision 4f1a00a7 (git): Improve same directory detection in FileUtils
Closes: jsc (Justin Collins)


05:14 PM Ruby master Feature #6801: String#~ for a here document
Since this exact behavior was added as "indented here document" with `<<~` in Ruby 2.3.0 (discussed in #9098), I beli... jsc (Justin Collins)


05:37 PM Ruby master Bug #8297: extend & inherited class variable issue
This appears to still be an issue with Ruby 2.6.0 (ruby 2.6.0p0 (2018-12-25 revision 66547) [x86_64-linux]):
jsc (Justin Collins)
05:26 PM Ruby master Bug #8059: Unrelated block value returned by String#match(regex) when regex is returned by a method that uses define_method and super
The example appears to have been a little mangled on Redmine.
This code reproduces the issue on 1.9.3-p327 and 1.9...
jsc (Justin Collins)


05:04 PM Ruby master Feature #15192: Introduce a new "shortcut assigning" syntax to convenient setup instance variables
jjyr (Jinyang Jiang) wrote:
> I am surprised this syntax has been repeatedly requested and rejected since 7 years ago...
jsc (Justin Collins)


05:48 PM Ruby master Bug #8140: Incorrect warning: `+' after local variable is interpreted as binary operator
glyn (Glyn Normington) wrote:
> The statement:
> puts '' +''
> generates an invalid warning when executed ...
jsc (Justin Collins)
05:31 PM Ruby master Bug #8123: Transcoding exception when using replace along with universal_newline
This code appears to be working (not raising an exception) as early as Ruby 2.1.10:
$ ruby -v
ruby 2.1.10p49...
jsc (Justin Collins)
05:00 PM Ruby master Bug #8028: Shellwords.escape works incorrect under windows
Shagabutdinov (Leonid Shagabutdinov) wrote:
> Shellwords.escape works incorrect under windows (tested for Windows 7
jsc (Justin Collins)

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