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07:34 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13917: Comparable#clamp is slower than using Array#min,max.
i can explain why Array#min/max isn't much slower, because it was optimized to not create Array overhead WHEN using v...


02:51 PM CommonRuby Feature #13581: Syntax sugar for method reference
my idea for optimising `&obj.method(:symbol)`
is that it already creates a proc (object) without going over a Method...
12:56 PM CommonRuby Feature #13581: Syntax sugar for method reference
k0kubun (Takashi Kokubun) wrote:
> Another idea: &obj:method
hm i like that idea, but think that might be a b...
10:10 AM CommonRuby Feature #13581: Syntax sugar for method reference
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) wrote:
> `obj\.method`
i am not sure about that:
~~~ ruby
is alre...


12:27 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13837: Class attributes get overshadowed by local variables
ruby does parse the lines before exceute them.
so when ruby does read this:
~~~ ruby
bar = 0 if bar.nil?


02:42 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13799: ENV.dup returns a plain Object
the Problem:
ENV is an Hash-like Object with having singleton methods to look like an Hash, but isn't one
dup does ...


04:25 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13763: Trigger "unused variable warning" for unused variables in parameter lists
i am against this, becauese such functions could be used as hookups too for other functions to overwrite them.


01:14 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13744: Spawn doesn't work with options of symbol keys generated dynamically

hm on my windows machine:
ruby -e 'spawn("ls", :rlimit_cpu => 100)'
causes a syntax error


11:39 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13700: Enumerable#sum may not work for Ranges subclasses due to optimization
shevegen (Robert A. Heiler) wrote:
> Reminds me a bit of what hanmac wrote elsewhere; I can't find it right now and ...


08:49 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13671: Regexp with lookbehind and case-insensitivity raises RegexpError only on strings with certain characters
did some checks on my windows system to check how deep the problem is.
i used "รค" as variable.
the same problem h...

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