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07:24 AM Ruby master Bug #15409: OpenStruct error when attribute is called 'method'
marcandre (Marc-Andre Lafortune) wrote in #note-9:
> I opened a PR that resolves this:
Hanmac (Hans Mackowiak)


07:43 PM Ruby master Feature #14394: Class.descendants
More like:
class A
x =
y =
~~How does the GC handle such classes?
Will they ge...
Hanmac (Hans Mackowiak)
09:02 AM Ruby master Feature #14394: Class.descendants
how does `rb_class_foreach_subclass` handle anonymous classes?
if it would add them, how about adding a ...
Hanmac (Hans Mackowiak)


02:34 PM Ruby master Bug #17105: A single `return` can return to two different places in a proc inside a lambda inside a method
i think this is by design:
> A lambda will return no...
Hanmac (Hans Mackowiak)


07:34 AM Ruby master Bug #17093: attr_accessor works strange
if type.nil?
type = 'default'
is different from this:
type = 'default' if type.nil?...
Hanmac (Hans Mackowiak)


07:41 AM Ruby master Bug #17023: How to prevent String memory to be relocated in ruby-ffi
the problem there is that ruby can't know how long the C lib is going to use the String. Depending on the C Function,... Hanmac (Hans Mackowiak)


01:31 PM Ruby master Feature #16986: Anonymous Struct literal
the problem i have with that is that each time it creates a (cached) struct class.
after taking so long to make fr...
Hanmac (Hans Mackowiak)


08:44 AM Ruby master Feature #16986: Anonymous Struct literal

i think this is more of a confusing feature
IF `${a: 1, b: 2}` is like `, :b).new(1, 2)` then my gu...
Hanmac (Hans Mackowiak)


02:27 PM Ruby master Feature #16667: Allow parameters to Symbol#to_proc and Method#to_proc
@jgomo3 i found my old Symbol#call code
~~~ ruby
class Symbol
class SymbolHelper
def initialize(obj,met...
Hanmac (Hans Mackowiak)
09:58 AM Ruby master Feature #16667: Allow parameters to Symbol#to_proc and Method#to_proc
i tried `,&:dig)` but it just returned `:id`
but this one would work: `ary.each_with_object...
Hanmac (Hans Mackowiak)

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