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07:45 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11090 (Open): Enumerable#each_uniq and #each_uniq_by
currently if you want to iterate the first uniq elements you either need to call `uniq` and create a big array or you...


01:59 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11084: Use rb-readline instead of ext/readline
i don't know about, the binding/implementation using the C lib might be faster and have more features
so using a pur...


01:25 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11057: Gemify JSON
is that ticket really closed, when the changes got reverted a revision later?


08:36 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10913: Enum#each_slice is crashing with Bignum as an argument
i cant repoduce it with my ruby versions 2.1.2 and ruby 2.3.0dev
[1] pry(main)> [1,2,3].each_slice(5000000000...


11:28 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10758: undefined method `year' for nil:NilClass
try to use newer activesupport version, it seems to be fixed in newer versions


09:22 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10743: Nokogiri crashes after upgrading to ruby 2.2.0.
you need to recompile your gems,
currently it does use ruby2.2 with gems that where build against ruby2.1
for some...


02:15 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10734: Segfault when combining default arguments with keyword arguments
if i use ruby2.2.0 it does happen for me too ...
and it seems it some kind of stack loop error because it seems to r...


07:21 AM Ruby trunk Feature #10701: Class:Array 2 New methods
i also would like if there are block variants of them like that
data = 0..10
data.prev_value {|o| o == 5} #=> 4


03:24 PM Ruby trunk Feature #10701: Class:Array 2 New methods
i think this functions might be interesting, but i would try to write them to that they are available in Enumerable too


10:26 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10621: no parent in rb_data_type_t
Koichi Sasada wrote:
> > No does not work because its about rb_check_typeddata, how else should a function know if t...

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