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03:34 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14611: Exotic method parameters bug
@phluid61 not so fast, ruby allows duplicate "_" as parameters so you can say that you don't want them and ruby shoul...
10:55 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14609: `Kernel#p` without args shows the receiver
hm i have a slightly problem with this
check out the different return types there:
~~~ ruby
a = []
p *a #=>...


01:19 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13904: getter for original information of Enumerator
what about something when you don't have method name or arguments to expose?
like that idea with a combined Enumer...
01:17 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14541: Class variables have broken semantics, let's fix them
@Eregon: the problem is the other way around ...
a class variable in a superclass DOES NOT removes class variables...


04:51 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14593: Add `Enumerator#concat`
the size object in `` can be a proc too
that would make the call lazy?
09:02 AM Ruby trunk Feature #14585: Array#each_pair
i don't like it because i think `each_pair` should react like `each_slice(2)`
09:00 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14589: "No implicit conversion of XXX to string" asserion should be handled with an explicit string conversion, and it should be a warning not an assertion
learn the difference between `to_s` and `to_str`
one is explicit, the other is implicit


04:19 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14580: Hash#store accepts a block

~~~ ruby
hash.transform_values(:a, :b) { |val| val + 42 }
hash[:a] #=> 44
what about the b key? should it...


03:13 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14498: Class#to_proc

Duplicate of #4910
PS: might be a bit more complicated in C,
but i would like this:
proc { |*args,...


08:37 AM CommonRuby Feature #13581: Syntax sugar for method reference
nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) wrote:
> Hanmac (Hans Mackowiak) wrote:
> > i don't know about the rubyVM but can `xyz(&met...

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