Hans Mackowiak

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12:31 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11745: saving bits
dam i wanted to make a request to add a #[]= method similar to the #[] one, until i noticed that Bignum like others a...


01:00 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11734: Improved ternary operator
Yurko Bregey wrote:
> Hans Mackowiak wrote:
> > why not:
> >
> > ```ruby
> > (x = some_long_expression) ? x.to_...
05:10 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11734: Improved ternary operator
@Daniel: _ with previous line result is a feature of IRB and PRY not ruby itself


03:10 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11734: Improved ternary operator
why not:
(x = some_long_expression) ? x.to_s : 'foobar'


09:45 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11718: Constant access on `nil`
yeah that should raise an error. A little test shows that this exist a while way back:
p nil::String
06:37 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11720: XMLRPC::DateTime.to_time does not support times prior to 1970.
that might not be a bug itself but because from the XMLRPC doesnt support dates earlier than 1970 ...
otherwise i ...
06:25 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11718: Constant access on `nil`
hm it might be that ```nil::Foo``` is parsed as ```::Foo``` which is doing the top-level access.
but i am not deep...


06:57 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11674: `local_variables` returns buffer-overflow garbage with methods with > 10 keyword argu...
i wanted to see what symbols does appear:
p 200.times.map { |n|
vars = n.times.m...


12:34 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11661: sprintf causes a KeyError instead of using a default value for hash substitution
hm might it be possible that sprintf only uses default value/or default proc if the hash does has default,
but does ...
06:42 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11665: Support nested functions for better code organization
apropos Procs and lambda, can't we create one which does not have a binding/access to local variables on the outside?...

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