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04:16 PM Ruby master Misc #16659 (Open): Documentation on Regexp missing for absence pattern (?~pat)
The absence pattern `(?~pat)` available since Ruby 2.4.1 is [not yet documented on `Regexp`](https://git.ruby-lang.or... svoop (Sven Schwyn)


04:16 PM Ruby master Feature #16605 (Rejected): Support argument delegation (...) with blocks/define_method
(I couldn't find anything on this in the bug tracker or other official sources, hope it's not a duplicate since it's ... svoop (Sven Schwyn)


07:29 AM Ruby master Feature #14784: Comparable#clamp with a range
Here's a real life use case for `clamp` with Range support:
Our Rails app has quite a few app settings which defin...
svoop (Sven Schwyn)


01:05 PM Ruby master Feature #12698: Method to delete a substring by regex match
The suggestion by @knu is pretty cool if you think about it: Since both `sub` and `gsub` exist, the uncertainty wheth... svoop (Sven Schwyn)


12:21 PM Ruby master Misc #15364 (Closed): Suppress "shadowing outer local variable" warning for assignments e.g. with "tap"
The following pattern is quite common when initializing a complex object where some attributes (attr1 and 2) can be s... svoop (Sven Schwyn)


11:23 AM Ruby master Feature #12698: Method to delete a substring by regex match
matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto) wrote:
> I don't think it's worth adding which is easily done by `sub/gsub`.
Easily don...
svoop (Sven Schwyn)


01:37 PM Ruby master Feature #12046: Allow attr_reader :foo? to define instance method foo? for accessing @foo
> If you have any concrete use-case for the new (more complex) behavior, please tell me.
This feature request has ...
svoop (Sven Schwyn)


05:59 PM Ruby master Feature #1431 (Rejected): Object#__class__
Consider the following code using class instance variables:

class Car
def self.total_count=(n)
svoop (Sven Schwyn)


07:11 PM Ruby master Bug #951 (Closed): "make DESTDIR=... install" creates dirs outside DESTDIR
While working on the Ruby 1.9 ebuilds for Gentoo Prefix on Mac, I came across the following oddity.

svoop (Sven Schwyn)

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