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06:13 AM ruby-trunk Bug #6416 (Closed): Deadlock when calling Thread#join from signal interrupt context
The interpreter can deadlock when calling Thread#join both from the main context and from the signal handler ...


03:23 AM Backport93 Backport #5359: rails 3.1, nokogiri-1.5.0 - Segmentation fault
On Fri, Sep 23, 2011 at 5:12 PM, Slava Mikerin <slava@slavix.com> wrote:
> Issue #5359 has been reported by Sl...


05:54 AM ruby-trunk Bug #4069: String#parse_csv fails to parse "\r" character embedded string
["aa\rbb"].to_csv results in the string "\"aa\rbb\"\n"

When you don't specify a row separator the ruby C...


11:42 AM ruby-trunk Feature #4017: [PATCH] CSV parsing speedup
* Rename the limit to just read_limit

That name sounds good. I'll submit an updated patch with the bette...
09:51 AM Backport92 Backport #4018 (Closed): String#<< can result in string that lies about String#valid_encoding?
s1 = "aa".force_encoding("utf-16be")
s2 = "\xFF".force_encoding("utf-16be")
s1 << s2...
09:43 AM ruby-trunk Feature #4017 (Assigned): [PATCH] CSV parsing speedup
This patch breaks the CSV parser into multiple methods that are eas...


04:16 PM ruby-trunk Feature #1981: [PATCH] CSV Parsing Speedup
Patch attached.

Tim Elliott


03:36 AM ruby-trunk Feature #1981: [PATCH] CSV Parsing Speedup
I updated the patch to against trunk. Attaching to this ticket update.

I took care to make it pass all t...


04:44 AM ruby-trunk Feature #1981 (Closed): [PATCH] CSV Parsing Speedup
This patch replaces the regex used in the Ruby 1.9 CSV parser with ruby code.

Running all CSV tests (ts_...


05:40 AM Backport87 Bug #1167 (Rejected): Regexp: Stack overflow in regexp matcher
A 3,000 character string can cause a stack overflow when matched with a relatively simple regular expression....

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