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08:29 PM Ruby master Feature #20443: Allow Major GC's to be disabled
matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto) wrote in #note-12:
> I am neutral on this proposal. However, I am concerned that there may...
eightbitraptor (Matthew Valentine-House)


06:28 PM Ruby master Revision c59abb99 (git): Rename ary_heap_alloc -> ary_heap_alloc_buffer
To differentiate it from ary_alloc_heap eightbitraptor (Matthew Valentine-House)


01:22 PM Ruby master Misc #20436: DevMeeting at RubyKaigi 2024
- [Feature #20443] Allow Major GC's to be disabled
- Introduces the ability to "turn off" Major GC's, so that only...
eightbitraptor (Matthew Valentine-House)


10:17 AM Ruby master Feature #20443: Allow Major GC's to be disabled
nateberkopec (Nate Berkopec) wrote in #note-4:
> Regarding the interface:
> ``` ruby
> GC.disable(major: true)...
eightbitraptor (Matthew Valentine-House)


04:02 PM Ruby master Feature #20443 (Open): Allow Major GC's to be disabled
[[Github PR #10598]](
## Background
Ruby's GC running during Rails requ...
eightbitraptor (Matthew Valentine-House)


10:39 AM Ruby master Revision 4218e6bb (git): Remove unused define popcount_bits
eightbitraptor (Matthew Valentine-House)


10:29 PM Ruby master Revision 0727d32b (git): Don't verify during gc_enter when gc is disabled.
RGENGC_CHECK_MODE >=3 fails with an incinsistency in the old object
count during ec_finalization.
This is due to inc...
eightbitraptor (Matthew Valentine-House)
08:16 PM Ruby master Revision 3a4035a7 (git): Reduce the number of references to need_major_gc
eightbitraptor (Matthew Valentine-House)
12:31 PM Ruby master Revision 24705659 (git): Inline single use variables
eightbitraptor (Matthew Valentine-House)


08:41 AM Ruby master Feature #20351: Optionally extract common GC routines into a DSO
Do you have an idea of a timeline for Ractor local GC? Is there an open feature request I can read (I've searched on ... eightbitraptor (Matthew Valentine-House)

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