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10:36 PM Ruby master Bug #17618: Exceptions in Fiber Scheduler causes a segv
My initial reaction is a scheduler without unblock is broken by design, and it's the dead thread which is invoking un... ioquatix (Samuel Williams)


02:05 AM Ruby master Feature #17470: Introduce non-blocking `Timeout.timeout`
@jsc I tried your example but it seems to work fine?
``` ruby
MESSAGE = "Hello World"
def test_timeout_on_main_...
ioquatix (Samuel Williams)


11:30 PM Ruby master Feature #17363: Timeouts
This seems like a good idea. Thank you everyone for the great discussion here.
I agree with the following things:
ioquatix (Samuel Williams)
11:23 PM Ruby master Feature #17470: Introduce non-blocking `Timeout.timeout`
@eregon without preemptive scheduling it won't be possible. There are other cases where the GVL is not released, e.g.... ioquatix (Samuel Williams)


10:52 PM Ruby master Bug #17527: rb_io_wait_readable/writable with scheduler don't check errno
I checked the PR, I understand, thanks for the clear bug report.
I will review it in more detail, but it seems lik...
ioquatix (Samuel Williams)


10:29 PM Ruby master Feature #17370: Introduce non-blocking `Addrinfo.getaddrinfo` and related methods.
In order to implement this hook, we need to expose the C interface to extensions:
ioquatix (Samuel Williams)
09:36 PM Ruby master Feature #17470: Introduce non-blocking `Timeout.timeout`
> Timeout.timeout must be able to interrupt non-IO operations as well.
Actually, that's not necessarily true, even...
ioquatix (Samuel Williams)
07:42 AM Ruby master Feature #17470 (Open): Introduce non-blocking `Timeout.timeout`
In this bug report, user complained that `Timeout.timeout` does not work correctly with scheduler: ioquatix (Samuel Williams)
07:40 AM Ruby master Feature #17369: Introduce non-blocking `Process.wait`, `Kernel.system` and related methods.
We introduced experimental feature and implemented non-blocking hook for Ruby 3.
More work is required here, but w...
ioquatix (Samuel Williams)
04:26 AM Ruby master Bug #17373: Ruby 3.0 is slower at Discourse bench than Ruby 2.7
In my early benchmarks:
## Async
### ruby 2.7.1p83 (2020-03-31 revision a0c7c23c9c) [x86_64-darwin19]
ioquatix (Samuel Williams)

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