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01:39 AM Ruby master Bug #16908: Strange behaviour of Hash#shift when used with `default_proc`.
Thank you @jeremyevans0 ioquatix (Samuel Williams)


05:52 AM Ruby master Bug #18485 (Closed): Even though init a blocking Fiber with true) but scheduler is invoked
This is working as intended.
f = true) do
p '1111111'
p '2222222'
ioquatix (Samuel Williams)
05:49 AM Ruby master Bug #18484: Fiber should return it self when blocked by IO
irb(main):001:1* f = do
irb(main):002:1* sleep(1)
irb(main):003:1* Fiber.yield 123
ioquatix (Samuel Williams)


05:48 AM Ruby master Bug #18465: Make `IO#write` atomic.
I would personally like to simplify `IO` implementation but I'm not sure if major refactor is acceptable especially g... ioquatix (Samuel Williams)


08:56 PM Ruby master Bug #18482 (Rejected): Fiber can not disable scheduler
Did you read the documentation?
ioquatix (Samuel Williams)


07:54 PM Ruby master Bug #18465: Make `IO#write` atomic.
By the way, even calling `write` directly is no guarantee of synchronous output between threads/processes - on Linux ... ioquatix (Samuel Williams)
07:53 PM Ruby master Bug #18465: Make `IO#write` atomic.
Thanks for all that information.
This is a bug fix, but what you are proposing sounds like a feature request.
ioquatix (Samuel Williams)


08:19 PM Ruby master Bug #18465: Make `IO#write` atomic.
> I think it'd better to guarantee atomicity for puts and write, even if the same fd is used by multiple IO instances... ioquatix (Samuel Williams)
08:01 AM Ruby master Bug #18465: Make `IO#write` atomic.
Even though `stderr` should not be buffered, I feel like it would be advantageous to use a write lock too, to avoid i... ioquatix (Samuel Williams)
06:46 AM Ruby master Bug #18465: Make `IO#write` atomic.
I tried to make a micro-benchmark measuring this.
> make benchmark ITEM=io_write
ioquatix (Samuel Williams)

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