Nobuyoshi Nakada





06:47 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12517 (Feedback): def_delegators broken on ruby-head?
Could you show a small code to reproduce?
02:32 AM Ruby trunk Revision 55503: Refine assertion
* test/openssl/test_ocsp.rb: assert_in_delta for better message.


05:33 PM Ruby trunk Bug #12353 (Closed): Regression with Marshal.dump on ruby 2.3.1p112 (2016-04-26 revision 54768) [...
Applied in changeset r55500.
No respond_to? as if the default definition
* vm_method.c (vm_respond_to): ...
05:33 PM Ruby trunk Revision 55500: No respond_to? as if the default definition
* vm_method.c (vm_respond_to): try method_missing if respond_to?
is undefined, as if it is the default definition.
03:12 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12515: Create "Boolean" superclass of TrueClass / FalseClass
Let's leave `TrueClass`/`FalseClass`!!
05:29 AM Ruby trunk Revision 55496: Read CaseFolding.txt in binary mode
* enc/unicode/case-folding.rb (CaseFolding#load): read in binary
mode to deal with non-ASCII charater in CaseFoldin...
12:23 AM Ruby trunk Revision 55494: touch
* enc/unicode/case-folding.rb: touch the destination file.
12:17 AM Ruby trunk Revision 55492: Updating casefold.h
* (lib/unicode_normalize/tables.rb): should not depend
on Unicode data files unless ALWAYS_UPDATE_UNICODE...


05:27 AM Ruby trunk Revision 55489: Unicode files for casefold.h
* (enc/unicode/casefold.h): update Unicode files in a
sub-make, not to let the header depend on the files...


01:02 PM Ruby trunk Revision 55488: casefold.h dependency
* (enc/unicode/casefold.h): add dependency and update by

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