Nobuyoshi Nakada



Reported issues: 170


02:33 AM Ruby trunk Revision 50636: io.c: refine message
* io.c (prepare_getline_args): refine the expected arity in an
exception message.


11:20 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11177: DATAでEOF文字以降が読めない
Yusuke Endoh wrote:
> Windows で `__END__` 以降に EOF 文字 (`\x1A`) があったとき、それより先が読めないのは仕様でしょうか。
text modeでそうなるというのは当然仕様...
02:20 AM Ruby trunk Revision 50633: ruby.c: show_usage_line
* ruby.c (show_usage_line): extract function to print one usage
02:16 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11169 (Rejected): Symbol not found: _rb_str_new_static
01:29 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11176 (Assigned): Hardcoded settings in REXML
Why is it a problem?


11:07 AM Ruby trunk Revision 50616: win32.c: suppress a warning
* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_write_console): fix the type to suppress a
warning of difference in signedness.
09:39 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11171 (Closed): ruby.1で表示される更新日を内容の最終更新日と合わせてほしい
Applied in changeset r50615.
man: updated
* man/*.1: updated dates in man pages.
[ruby-dev:48988] [Bug...
09:38 AM Ruby trunk Revision 50615: man: updated
* man/*.1: updated dates in man pages.
[ruby-dev:48988] [Bug #11171]
09:36 AM Ruby trunk Revision 50614: update-man-date
* (update-man-date): update last date in man pages.
* tool/vcs.rb (VCS#modified): returns last modified time.
09:36 AM Ruby trunk Revision 50613: file2lastrev.rb: format for modified
* tool/file2lastrev.rb: add optional argument to --modified, for
strftime format.

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