Nobuyoshi Nakada



Reported issues: 175


02:19 AM Ruby trunk Revision 52068: assertions.rb: refine all_assertions
* test/lib/test/unit/assertions.rb (all_assertions): refine
total failiure message.


07:35 AM Ruby trunk Revision 52057: * string.c (rb_sym_to_proc): rename
06:38 AM Ruby trunk Revision 52056: vm_args.c: wrap symbol ifunc
* vm_args.c (args_setup_block_parameter): wrap a symbol in ifunc
by a proc as a block parameter.
05:44 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11456: Hash リテラル中で rescue をもちいると SyntaxError になる
`%w` じゃなくて `%q` や `%Q` ですよね。
04:56 AM Ruby trunk Revision 52055: ruby.h: inlines
* include/ruby/ruby.h: turn function macros into inline functions,
for debuggers.
04:54 AM Ruby trunk Revision 52054: ruby.h: enums
* include/ruby/ruby.h: turn constant macros into enums, for
04:41 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11568 (Closed): Misleading warning for duplicate keys in a hash


05:29 PM Ruby trunk Revision 52048: string.c: optimize rb_str_resurrect
* string.c (rb_str_resurrect): optimize by short circuit to copy
hidden string without checking length, encoding an...
05:29 PM Ruby trunk Revision 52047: compile.c: dstr head type
* compile.c (compile_dstr_fragments): head of dstr must be a
01:14 PM Ruby trunk Feature #8976: file-scope freeze_string directive
That is, "(void-variable ruby-font-lock-keywords)" means ruby-mode.el doesn't support your Emacs.
It's irrelevant to...

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