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08:37 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10931: [PERF]bm_app_mandelbrot.rb 20% slower.
My results.
benchmark results:
Execution time (sec...
08:17 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10935 (Feedback): encountered during rspec tests
Please show Crash Report log file.
05:48 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10916: What the Ruby? SegFault?
On 2015/03/02 10:52, "Martin J. Dürst" wrote:
>> * Author: why do i need this acct just to create a bug report
02:52 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10933 (Closed): [BUG] object allocation during garbage collection phase
Applied in changeset r49842.
symbol.c: make dsym_fstrs an identity hash
* symbol.c (Init_sym): make dsym...
02:52 AM Ruby trunk Revision 49842: symbol.c: make dsym_fstrs an identity hash
* symbol.c (Init_sym): make dsym_fstrs a hash compared by identity
as the keys are unique fstrings, to get rid of r...
01:34 AM Ruby trunk Revision 49841: rbinstall.rb: set umask 077
* tool/rbinstall.rb: default umask to prohibit group/others from
01:22 AM Ruby trunk Revision 49840: envutil.rb: no need to sleep
* test/lib/envutil.rb (assert_in_out_err): remove sleep to catch
the just time, and it is unnecessary as diagnostic...
12:24 AM Ruby trunk Revision 49837: envutil.rb: diagnostic_reports for SIGTRAP
* test/lib/envutil.rb (EnvUtil.diagnostic_reports): SIGTRAP also
generate diagnostic report file.


05:01 PM Ruby trunk Revision 49835: mkmf/base.rb: clean up tmpdir
* test/mkmf/base.rb (TestMkmf#assert_separately): call teardown to
clean up temporary directory.
04:27 PM Ruby trunk Revision 49834: rbinstall.rb: gems dir_mode
* tool/rbinstall.rb (DirPackage#extract_files): set directories
permission of gems.

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