Nobuyoshi Nakada



Reported issues: 177


12:10 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11737: Pass in expression to then block in `case expression`
It reminded me a rejected proposal:
case expr
when matcher => result


10:33 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11747 (Feedback): "bury" feature, similar to 'dig' but opposite
How can it know what should be created, hash, array, or struct?
02:26 PM Ruby trunk Revision 52765: test_parser_events.rb: suppress a warning
* test/ripper/test_parser_events.rb (test_warn_cr_in_middle):
remove unused variable to suppress assigned-but-unuse...
02:22 AM Ruby trunk Revision 52763: parse.y: reduce ifdefs
* parse.y (dispatch_ignored_scan_event, has_delayed_token): more
macros to reduce ifdefs.


12:36 PM Ruby trunk Revision 52759: compile.c: tailcall opt for indexers
* compile.c (iseq_peephole_optimize): enable tail call
optimization for specialized indexers.
* compile.c (iseq_com...
09:09 AM Ruby trunk Revision 52758: downloader.rb: Downloader.https
* tool/downloader.rb (Downloader.https): extract a method instead
of a global variable.


12:24 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11199 (Closed): IO.copy_stream degrade that can't call pathname to pathname
Applied in changeset r52750.
io.c: try to_io first
* io.c (copy_stream_body): try to_io conversion befor...
12:23 PM Ruby trunk Revision 52750: io.c: try to_io first
* io.c (copy_stream_body): try to_io conversion before read,
readpartial, and write methods. [ruby-dev:49008] [Bug...
09:34 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11734: Improved ternary operator
Maybe `some_long_expression&.to_s || 'foobar'` ?
08:02 AM Ruby trunk Revision 52749: iseq.h: rename member
* iseq.h (rb_compile_option_struct): rename the member
frozen_string_literal_debug as debug_frozen_string_literal.

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