Nobuyoshi Nakada





05:52 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12703 (Rejected): String.gsub returns unexpected results with numeric match characters
What you want is `"z'z".gsub(/(')/, '\\\\\1')`.
You need to escape twice, for a literal, and for `gsub`.
02:57 AM Ruby trunk Revision 56008: win32/file.c: use ALLOC_N
* win32/file.c (home_dir, replace_to_long_name): use ALLOC_N
instead of casted xmalloc with multiplication.
02:11 AM Ruby trunk Revision 56007: win32/file.h: rb_w32_filecp
* win32/file.h (rb_w32_filecp): add declaration.


04:13 PM Ruby trunk Feature #12695: File.expand_path should resolve ~/ using /etc/passwd when HOME is not set
Why doesn't your service launcher set `HOME`?
03:42 PM Ruby trunk Revision 56006: win32/file.c: remove a codepage argument
* win32/file.c (append_wstr): remove a codepage argument, and use
INVALID_CODE_PAGE for conversion by econv.
03:39 PM Ruby trunk Revision 56004: win32/file.c: fix result length
* win32/file.c (append_wstr): exclude the terminator from the
result length when input len == -1.
01:04 PM Ruby trunk Revision 56000: win32/file.c: use enum
* win32/file.c (home_dir): use enum instead of magic numbers.
04:43 AM Ruby trunk Revision 55996: unnecessary dependents of prelude.c
* (PRELUDE_C): remove unnecessary dependents, which are
not included directly.
03:58 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12696 (Closed): Defining anonymous classes via ` {}` does not run `class_eval` on t...
Applied in changeset r55994.
object.c: fix {Module,Class}.new rdoc [ci skip]
* object.c (rb_mod_initiali...
03:57 AM Ruby trunk Revision 55994: object.c: fix {Module,Class}.new rdoc [ci skip]
* object.c (rb_mod_initialize, rb_class_initialize): [DOC] these
methods do not invoke module_eval/class_eval, just...

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