nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)





02:12 PM Ruby trunk Revision 62841 (trunk): parse.y: NUL-terminate ruby_sourcefile
* parse.y (yycompile): in some cases (warning, error, dtrace,...),
ruby_sourcefile is expected to be NUL-terminated...
12:40 PM Ruby trunk Revision 62839 (trunk): parse.y: push `do` token info
* parse.y (k_rescue, k_ensure): revert r62838.
* parse.y (k_do, k_do_LAMBDA, k_do_block): push token infos of
08:37 AM Ruby trunk Revision 62838 (trunk): parse.y: ignore do indentations
* parse.y (k_rescue, k_ensure): ignore indentations of `do`, it
is not at the beginning of line usually.
08:21 AM Ruby trunk Revision 62836 (trunk): parse.y: mismatched indentations at middle
* parse.y (k_rescue, k_ensure, k_when, k_else, k_elsif): warn
mismatched indentations at keywords in middle of blocks.
04:08 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14611 (Closed): Exotic method parameters bug
Applied in changeset trunk|r62833.
compile.c: arg var index
* compile.c (iseq_set_arguments): determine ...
04:08 AM Ruby trunk Revision 62833 (trunk): compile.c: arg var index
* compile.c (iseq_set_arguments): determine argument variable
indexes by the order, not by just IDs. arguments beg...
03:16 AM Ruby trunk Revision 62832 (trunk): parse.y: fix duplicate kwrest
* parse.y (f_kwrest): add the variable name as an argument, as
well as an internal variable.
* parse.y (new_args_t...
12:32 AM Ruby trunk Revision 62831 (trunk): iseq.c: append local var index to name
12:32 AM Ruby trunk Revision 62829 (trunk): iseq.c: mark kwrest arg


10:41 AM Ruby trunk Revision 62807 (trunk): compile.c: fix function name [ci skip]
* compile.c (ibf_dump_object_object): fix a probable typo in the
function name, s/lbf/ibf/.

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