Nobuyoshi Nakada





06:23 AM Ruby trunk Revision 56266: iseq.c: kwarg to compile
* iseq.c (iseqw_s_compile, iseqw_s_compile_file): allow keyword
arguments as the options.
05:34 AM Ruby trunk Revision 56265: iseq.c: file name encoding
* iseq.c (iseqw_s_compile): keep the encoding of file name.
05:26 AM Ruby trunk Revision 56264: ChangeLog: remove extra line
02:13 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12790: Better inspect for stdlib classes
I agree about `BigDecimal` almost.
`Prec` may be useful but `MaxPrec` would be rarely.
And for huge `BigDecimal`, I...


07:33 AM Ruby trunk Revision 56254: test_exception.rb: another assertion
* test/ruby/test_exception.rb (test_throw_false): test the thrown
tag. [Bug #12743]
05:11 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12788 (Closed): Improve String lstrip and strip performance
Applied in changeset r56250.
string.c: fast path of lstrip_offset
* string.c (lstrip_offset): add a fast...
05:10 AM Ruby trunk Revision 56250: string.c: fast path of lstrip_offset
* string.c (lstrip_offset): add a fast path in the case of single
byte optimizable strings, as well as rstrip_offse...
03:00 AM Ruby trunk Revision 56249: minitest-5.9.1
* gems/bundled_gems: update to minitest-5.9.1.


10:29 PM Ruby trunk Revision 56245: test_dln.rb: fix constants
* test/-ext-/win32/test_dln.rb (test_check_imported): use toplevel
constants explicitly to get rid of constants und...
02:48 PM Ruby trunk Revision 56239: vm_args.c: split make_unused_kw_hash
* vm_args.c (make_unknown_kw_hash, make_rest_kw_hash): split
make_unused_kw_hash for key_only parameter.

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