Nobuyoshi Nakada



Reported issues: 172


10:26 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11411 (Closed): Crash in rb_gc_mark() during Rails app boot with GC.stress=1
Seems same as #11352.
05:15 AM Ruby trunk Revision 51469: win32/file.c: use allocv buffer and API
* win32/file.c (rb_freopen): convert path name into allocv buffer
and get rid of conversion failure in the case non...
01:27 AM Ruby trunk Revision 51468: tcltklib.c: check argument
* ext/tk/tcltklib.c (ip_cancel_eval_core): check argument type and


04:47 AM Ruby trunk Revision 51463: thread.c: thread_shield_get_mutex
* thread.c (thread_shield_get_mutex): explicitly check if
destroyed already.
02:14 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11393 (Third Party's Issue): segfault on trivial application, embedding in C app.
In short; use `rb_protect()`.
Ruby interpreter can't deal with exceptions raised outside its scope.
So you **must...


12:34 PM Ruby trunk Revision 51451: load.c: use rb_load_internal0
* load.c (rb_require_internal): use rb_load_internal0 not to raise
a exception to be caught.
01:18 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11408 (Third Party's Issue): Segmentation fault with SCrypt and Ruby 2.2.2p95
Maybe ?


09:17 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10910 (Open): NoMethodError when opening SSL connection with OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_PEER set a...
This has failed on travis.
07:56 AM Ruby trunk Revision 51450: test_settracefunc.rb: refine
* test/ruby/test_settracefunc.rb (test_isolated_raise_in_trace):
check outputs.
* test/ruby/test_settracefunc.rb (...
07:56 AM Ruby trunk Revision 51449: thread.c: identity hash
* thread.c (rb_uninterruptible): use identity hash for masking.

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