nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)





08:17 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13505 (Closed): circular require prints the backtrace directly to stderr
Applied in changeset trunk|r58471.
load.c: backtrace of circular require
* load.c (load_lock): print bac...
08:17 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58471 (trunk): load.c: backtrace of circular require
* load.c (load_lock): print backtrace of circular require via
`Warning.warn` [ruby-core:80850] [Bug #13505]


02:26 PM Ruby trunk Bug #13489: "make test-all" fails on macOS with case-sensitive filesystem
diff --git i/dir.c w/dir.c
index e3099f4973..b02640e912 100644
--- i/dir.c
+++ w/dir.c
11:52 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58467 (trunk): tool/git-refresh: fix branch operations
06:17 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58466 (trunk): parse.y: args tail at error
* parse.y (new_args_tail_gen): abandon parsing arguments after
error. reported by ilsani Martino Sani (ilsani) at
06:17 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58465 (trunk): parse.y: rb_parser_fatal
* parse.y (rb_parser_fatal): abort compilation on internal parser
error. rb_bug() is generic use but not useful fo...
04:20 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58464 (trunk): Get rid of unnecessary GCC extension


02:51 PM Ruby trunk Revision 58459 (trunk): Add diagnostic reports section header [ci skip]
02:47 PM Ruby trunk Revision 58458 (trunk): assert_syntax_error returns the exception [ci skip]
01:31 AM Ruby trunk Revision 58457 (trunk): Document parse.y instead of ext/ripper/ripper.c

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