nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada)





08:21 AM Ruby trunk Revision 61873 (trunk): parse.y: unified local_push argument
08:05 AM Ruby trunk Revision 61872 (trunk): parse.y: simplified compstmt
* parse.y (top_compstmt, compstmt): unified void_stmts with
03:16 AM Ruby trunk Revision 61867 (trunk): parse.y: removed PARSER_ARG macro
03:16 AM Ruby trunk Revision 61866 (trunk): parse.y: expand tokadd_mbchar
* parse.y (tokadd_mbchar): renamed and expand callers with p.


12:25 PM Ruby trunk Revision 61853 (trunk): test_console_attr.rb: fix test
* test/-ext-/win32/test_console_attr.rb (reverse_video): fix test
when reverse video is set.
07:01 AM Ruby trunk Revision 61844 (trunk): raddrinfo.c: fix parse_numeric_port
* ext/socket/raddrinfo.c (parse_numeric_port): necessary
regardless of GETADDRINFO_EMU.
05:27 AM Ruby trunk Revision 61838 (trunk): tool/ruby_vm/models/attribute.rb: void for empty arguments
02:39 AM Ruby trunk Revision 61832 (trunk): more ytab.sed fixes
* tool/ytab.sed: fix for more old bison which does not support %lex-param
at yydestruct (missed at the previous com...
02:23 AM Ruby trunk Revision 61826 (trunk): more ytab.sed fixes
* tool/ytab.sed: `p` is too short to distinguish alone from other
names. fix for more old bison which does not sup...


02:28 PM Ruby trunk Revision 61822 (trunk): parse.y: yydebug
* parse.y (yydebug): define to disable a global variable and get
rid of linker error when static linked ext.

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