nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga)





12:57 PM Ruby trunk Revision 59570 (trunk): fix a typo in comment.
* cont.c (typedef struct rb_context_struct): fix a typo in comment.


07:00 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13775: Ruby hangs when calling scope and belongs_to many times (with mongomapper)
ruby_2_4 r59520 merged revision(s) 59457.
07:00 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59520 (ruby_2_4): merge revision(s) 59457: [Backport #13775]
should not copy promoted flags.
* include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_clone_setup): should not copy some flags
06:46 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13753: Segfault when calling `Random::DEFAULT.rand` in forked child
ruby_2_4 r59517 merged revision(s) 59368.
06:46 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59517 (ruby_2_4): merge revision(s) 59368: [Backport #13753]
random.c: ensure initialized
* random.c (get_rnd, try_get_rnd): ensure initialized to get rid
of crash in forked...
06:35 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13772: Memory leak recycling stacks for threads in 2.4.1
ruby_2_4 r59516 merged revision(s) 59462,59474.
06:35 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59516 (ruby_2_4): merge revision(s) 59462,59474: [Backport #13772]
release VM stack properly.
* cont.c: r55766 change the handling method of Fiber's VM stack.
Resumed Fiber points...
03:24 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13669: Enumerable#uniq is ignoring second and following block arguments
ruby_2_4 r59515 merged revision(s) 59128.
03:24 AM Ruby trunk Revision 59515 (ruby_2_4): merge revision(s) 59128: [Backport #13669]
Fix Enumerable#uniq with non single yield arguments
* enum.c (uniq_func, uniq_iter): need packed value as the uniqu...
02:43 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13578: Another iseq_set_sequence: adjust bug
ruby_2_4 r59514 merged revision(s) 58810,58894.

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