Tomoyuki Chikanaga





06:07 PM Ruby trunk Bug #12743: throw(false) does not work as expected
ruby_2_3 r56441 merged revision(s) 56252,56254.
06:07 PM Ruby trunk Revision 56441 (ruby_2_3): merge revision(s) 56252,56254: [Backport #12743]
* eval_intern.h (TH_PUSH_TAG): Initialize struct rb_vm_tag::tag with
Qundef rather than 0 which is equal to Qfalse...
05:56 PM Ruby trunk Bug #12776: Flaky test case: TestThread#test_thread_name
ruby_2_3 r56440 merged revision(s) 53520.
05:56 PM Ruby trunk Revision 56440 (ruby_2_3): merge revision(s) 53520: [Backport #12776]
test_thread.rb: wait for the thread to sleep
* test/ruby/test_thread.rb (test_thread_name): wait for the status
05:55 PM Ruby trunk Bug #12811: SyntaxError does not have a backtrace in 2.3+
ruby_2_3 r56439 merged revision(s) 56363,56365.
05:55 PM Ruby trunk Revision 56439 (ruby_2_3): merge revision(s) 56363,56365: [Backport #12811]
* load.c (rb_require_safe): SyntaxError created by the parser just
has the mesage and needs to set up the backtrac...
05:38 PM Ruby trunk Bug #12822: Backport r56374 (fix monthly log rotate with DST)
ruby_2_3 r56438 merged revision(s) 56374.
05:38 PM Ruby trunk Revision 56438 (ruby_2_3): merge revision(s) 56374: [Backport #12822]
* lib/logger.rb (Logger::Period#next_rotate_time): fix monthly log
rotate when DST is applied during a month of 31...
05:23 PM Ruby trunk Bug #12823: compile issues 2.2.5 with cygwin
ruby_2_3 r56437 merged revision(s) 55232.
05:23 PM Ruby trunk Revision 56437 (ruby_2_3): merge revision(s) 55232: [Backport #12823]
crypt.c: protoize
* missing/crypt.c: protoize function definitions and make
always-zero functions void.

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