Tomoyuki Chikanaga





08:48 PM Ruby trunk Bug #12910: TestFileUtils#test_chown_R_force might get stuck when process has no supplementary gr...
ruby_2_3 r56888 merged revision(s) 56884.
08:48 PM Ruby trunk Revision 56888 (ruby_2_3): merge revision(s) 56884: [Backport #12910]
test_fileutils.rb: Use primary group too
* test/fileutils/test_fileutils.rb (TestFileUtils#setup): Use
primary gr...
08:46 PM Ruby trunk Bug #12972: TestDir_M17N#test_glob_encoding if the locale is neither C nor *.UTF-8
ruby_2_3 r56887 merged revision(s) 56881.
08:45 PM Ruby trunk Revision 56887 (ruby_2_3): merge revision(s) 56881: [Backport #12972]
Don't encode to UTF-8 if it's unnecessary.
If the file system encoding is ISO-8851-1 or if the encoding of the targ...


07:57 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12759: Backport r53668 (Fix doc with default value with GH-523)
ruby_2_3 r56858 merged revision(s) 53668.
07:56 AM Ruby trunk Revision 56858 (ruby_2_3): merge revision(s) 53668: [Backport #12759]
* lib/tempfile.rb (Tempfile#initialize): [DOC] the first parameter
`basename` is optional and defaulted to an empt...


05:25 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12927: SIGSEGV during GC marking of sym procs
I ask ko1 and nobu to review the pull request and there's no objection.
I've merged it into ruby_2_3 branch at r5684...
05:18 AM Ruby trunk Revision 56841 (ruby_2_3): * iseq.c (proc_dup): don't duplicate sym_procs. [Fix GH-1479]
[ruby-core:78100] [Bug #12927]
Based on the patch provided by Emiliano Ritiro.
03:03 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12943: Backport r56268 to Ruby 2.3
Backported r56267 and r56268 (based on a patch provided Aaron) into ruby_2_3 at r56838.
03:02 AM Ruby trunk Revision 56838 (ruby_2_3): merge revision(s) 56267,56268: [Backport #12943]
based on a patch provided by Aaron Patterson.
assertions.rb: success option
* test/lib/test/unit/assertions.rb (a...

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