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04:56 AM Ruby master Bug #18232: Ractor.make_shareable is broken in code loaded with RubyVM::InstructionSequence.load_from_binary
ruby_3_0 a2fe4b75e4b236ad15778c59ace63006ace53889 merged revision(s) 217df51f0e5d9824ed712a4d175f555d932e44d8. nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga)
04:55 AM Ruby master Bug #18023: Ractor#make_shareable changes the values of closured shareable objects
ruby_3_0 5427b08381fb0d644ec69d5aa94234f90a4fbed1 merged revision(s) 76228191474c76810043b294a74bbb2f1808b3d9. nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga)
04:28 AM Ruby master Revision 5427b083 (git): merge revision(s) 76228191474c76810043b294a74bbb2f1808b3d9: [Backport #18023]
Fix Ractor.make_shareable changing locals for Procs
env_copy() uses rb_ary_delete_at() with a loop counting ...
nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga)
04:26 AM Ruby master Revision a2fe4b75 (git): merge revision(s) 217df51f0e5d9824ed712a4d175f555d932e44d8: [Backport #18232]
Dump outer variables tables when dumping an iseq to binary
This commit dumps the outer variables table when ...
nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga)


06:38 AM Ruby master Bug #17507: Regexp capture groups ignored sometimes in some multithreaded environments (possible race condition)
ruby_3_0 cfad0583eb18bb4505f28ee5cfab703a6b9987be merged revision(s) abc0304cb28cb9dcc3476993bc487884c139fd11. nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga)
06:37 AM Ruby master Bug #18191: All loaded feature filenames should be in the file system encoding
ruby_3_0 2c947e74a0a11fe6c54253c15224dc80054c62a2 merged revision(s) 60d0421ca861944459f52292d65dbf0ece26e38a,b653469... nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga)
06:37 AM Ruby master Bug #18141: Marshal load with proc yield objects before they are fully initialized
ruby_3_0 fe9d33beb78d5c7932a5c2ca3953045c0ae751d5 merged revision(s) 89242279e61b023a81c58065c62a82de8829d0b3,529fc20... nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga)
06:36 AM Ruby master Revision cfad0583 (git): merge revision(s) abc0304cb28cb9dcc3476993bc487884c139fd11: [Backport #17507]
Avoid race condition in Regexp#match
In certain conditions, Regexp#match could return a MatchData with
nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga)
06:08 AM Ruby master Revision 2c947e74 (git): merge revision(s) 60d0421ca861944459f52292d65dbf0ece26e38a,b6534691a16d751d59fc572d5dddebcaeb21f007,409dbc951b9875d27bd73748c88e15386473cffb,842b0008c132dd587f09766a228041afb7fed24f: [Backport #18191]
Fix the encoding of loaded feature names [Bug #18191]
The feature names loaded from the default load paths s...
nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga)
06:05 AM Ruby master Revision fe9d33be (git): merge revision(s) 89242279e61b023a81c58065c62a82de8829d0b3,529fc204af84f825f98f83c34b004acbaa802615: [Backport #18141]
Marshal.load: do not call the proc until strings have their encoding
nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga)

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