Tomoyuki Chikanaga



Reported issues: 139


08:12 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10120: TestSprintf#test_float still an issue
r47129 and r48844 were backported into `ruby_2_1` branch at r50067.
08:11 PM Backport21 Revision 50067: merge revision(s) r47129,r48844: [Backport #10120] remove SSE options
06:37 PM Ruby trunk Revision 50065: ChangeLog: remove duplicated entry at r50057. [ci skip]


07:35 PM Ruby trunk Bug #9440: Calling methods on a `` or `` causes Segfault
Backported into `ruby_2_1` at r50044.
07:35 PM Backport21 Revision 50044: merge revision(s) r44681: [Backport #9440]
* ext/thread/thread.c (Init_thread): ConditionVariable and Queue
are not able to copy. [ruby-core:59961] [Bug #9440]


05:43 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10563: system() call hangs if command is too long
Backported into `ruby_2_1` branch at r49997.
05:42 PM Backport21 Revision 49997: merge revision(s) r48690: [Backport #10563]
* win32/win32.c (w32_spawn): `v2` is used not only for `shell` but also
`cmd`, so must not free before using `cmd`...
05:41 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10546: Bug Segmentation Fault when input prompt on cmder
Backported into `ruby_2_1` branch at r49996.
05:40 PM Backport21 Revision 49996: merge revision(s) r48585,r48587: [Backport #10546]
* win32/win32.c (constat_reset): do nothing on non-standard
console emurators. [ruby-core:66471] [Bug #10546]
05:38 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10447: path name needs to be transcoded to OS path encoding.
r49366 でバックポート済みでした。

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