Tomoyuki Chikanaga



Reported issues: 144


06:30 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11613: test_aspawn_too_long_path creates too many processes
Backporrted r52222,r52229,r52273,r52277,r52357 into `ruby_2_2` branch at r52779.
06:29 PM Backport22 Revision 52779: merge revision(s) 52222,52229,52273,52277,52357: [Backport #11613]
limit the number of FDs in a process for stress test
06:16 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11343: random.c: getrandom compile error with clang
Backported r51242 into `ruby_2_2` branch at r52778.
06:16 PM Backport22 Revision 52778: merge revision(s) 51242: [Backport #11343]
* gc.c (__has_feature): move into internal.h.
* internal.h (__has_feature): ditto.
* internal.h (__has_extension)...


09:39 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11519: "#{nil}" produces string as US-ASCII rather than current encoding
Backported into `ruby_2_2` branch at r52773.
09:38 PM Backport22 Revision 52773: merge revision(s) 51820: [Backport #11519]
* parse.y (literal_concat_gen, evstr2dstr_gen): keep literal
encoding beginning with an interpolation same as the ...
09:25 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11369: Check length of selected NPN protocol
Backported r52227 and (partially) r52228 into `ruby_2_2` branch at r52772.
09:24 PM Backport22 Revision 52772: merge revision(s) 52227,52228: [Backport #11369]
* ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ssl_npn_select_cb): explicitly raise error
in ext/openssl instead of OpenSSL itself beca...
09:09 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10969: public_send in combination with method_missing raises NameError instead of NoMethodError
Backported into `ruby_2_2` branch at r52771.
The `MISSING_NOENTRY` was introduced at r50743. I replaced `MISSING_NOE...
09:09 PM Backport22 Revision 52771: merge revision(s) 51427: [Backport #10969]
* vm_eval.c (send_internal): set method_missing_reason before
invoking overriding method_missing method so that th...

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