Tomoyuki Chikanaga





03:32 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12565: SEGV when using &:foo with tail call optimization
ruby_2_3 r55779 merged revision(s) 55605.
03:31 AM Ruby trunk Revision 55779 (ruby_2_3): merge revision(s) 55605: [Backport #12565]
* vm_args.c (vm_caller_setup_arg_block): disable symbol block
argument optimization when tail call optimization is...
03:21 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12531: Segmentation fault occurred when execute curry with block
ruby_2_3 r55778 merged revision(s) 54909,55531.
03:21 AM Ruby trunk Revision 55778 (ruby_2_3): merge revision(s) 54909,55531: [Backport #12531]
proc.c: passed_block
* proc.c (passed_block): extract conversion from passed proc value
to rb_block_t pointer.
02:26 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12462: Segmentation fault hapen when calling Proc that has return
ruby_2_3 r55774 merged revision(s) 55297.
02:26 AM Ruby trunk Revision 55774 (ruby_2_3): merge revision(s) 55297: [Backport #12462]
* vm_insnhelper.c (vm_throw_start): check if the iseq is symbol
proc, class definition should not be a symbol proc...


02:03 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12610: webrick: protect from httpoxy
As noted in the article (, Net::HTTP and URI::Generic.find_proxy has mitigation about this vuln...


12:24 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12587: ruby released tarball require ruby
Hi, Antonio. Thank you for your comment.
The ruby tarball packages (including 2.3.x) don't require bootstrap ruby to...


04:46 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12587: ruby released tarball require ruby
I cannot reproduce with ruby-2.3.1.tar.gz package on Debian GNU/Linux 8.
And is included in the pac...


02:22 PM Ruby trunk Bug #12560: backport r55602
ruby_2_3 r55635 merged revision(s) 55602.

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