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07:47 PM Ruby master Feature #19000: Data: Add "Copy with changes method" [Follow-on to #16122 Data: simple immutable value object]
💡 In case it's of interest, I've partially solved this problem in the [Refinements]( bkuhlmann (Brooke Kuhlmann)


06:12 PM Ruby master Feature #18648: ruby2_keywords and ... name arguments with impossible names
Hey Aaron, in regards to `*`, `**`, and `&`, those are passthrough parameters (or bare parameters as I like to call t... bkuhlmann (Brooke Kuhlmann)


08:16 PM Ruby master Bug #18441: Fix inconsistent parentheses with anonymous block forwarding
> It is already possible to have anonymous block forwarding work without parentheses, just not exactly the way you wa... bkuhlmann (Brooke Kuhlmann)
04:31 PM Ruby master Bug #18441 (Rejected): Fix inconsistent parentheses with anonymous block forwarding
## Overview
One of the best qualities of Ruby, syntactically, is the optional use of parenthesis (or lack there of...
bkuhlmann (Brooke Kuhlmann)


10:04 PM Ruby master Bug #18436 (Closed): Fix Pathname dot directory globbing
## Overview
With 3.1.0, I'm seeing different behavior when trying to obtain directories which have a dot (.) prefi...
bkuhlmann (Brooke Kuhlmann)


02:19 PM Ruby master Bug #18381: Default vs Bundled gems
💡Not sure if this helps, but [Ruby Standard Gems]( is always a great source of reference. I use i... bkuhlmann (Brooke Kuhlmann)


01:14 PM Ruby master Feature #18057: Introduce Array#mean
💡 You can also use the [Refinements]( gem which also provides `... bkuhlmann (Brooke Kuhlmann)


12:56 AM Ruby master Feature #17294: Feature: Allow method chaining with Pathname#mkpath Pathname#rmtree
I would like this too. I've been using [Refinements]( to im... bkuhlmann (Brooke Kuhlmann)


02:28 PM Ruby master Feature #16986: Anonymous Struct literal
I like the idea of being able to quickly create an anonymous Struct but am concerned about the use of `$` for the syn... bkuhlmann (Brooke Kuhlmann)

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