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02:18 PM Ruby master Revision deff9e26 (git): [rubygems/rubygems] Remove unnecessary string concatenation djberg96 (Daniel Berger)


01:24 AM Ruby master Bug #18678 (Closed): Crash on Mac - vm_call0_cfunc_with_frame
Somehow referencing a variable that didn't exist caused a crash. Happened once, I haven't been able to replicate.
djberg96 (Daniel Berger)


04:38 PM Ruby master Bug #18164: Segfault after spawn when using modified ENV
On my Mac (Big Sur 11.5.2) using Ruby 3.0.2, I can duplicate the segfault with just the first two lines:
ENV ...
djberg96 (Daniel Berger)


11:59 PM Ruby master Bug #17483 (Rejected): Array#insert is pathologically slow
I ran some generic Array method benchmarks:
djberg96 (Daniel Berger)


11:47 PM Ruby master Revision 8103d46a (git): [rubygems/rubygems] Add a package attr_reader to Gem::Installer.
Add some basic specs for the package attr_reader.
djberg96 (Daniel Berger)


12:30 PM Ruby master Bug #15633 (Closed): Pathological slowdown in File.expand_path on UNC paths on Windows
For a while now, including Ruby 2.5, calling File.expand_path on an absolute UNC path seems to be strangely slow. I'v... djberg96 (Daniel Berger)


04:24 AM Ruby master Feature #12515: Create "Boolean" superclass of TrueClass / FalseClass
This was brought up in the past a lot:
djberg96 (Daniel Berger)


04:13 PM Ruby master Feature #12299: Add Warning module for customized warning handling
Wrapping regular expressions feels very clumsy to me.
I still prefer the approach I put forward in
djberg96 (Daniel Berger)


03:03 AM Ruby master Bug #12415 (Rejected): Dir#pos reports invalid position after Dir#read
irb(main):002:0> `ls`.split("\n")
=> ["bench", "berger_spec.gemspec", "lib", "Rakefile", "README", "SCORECAR...
djberg96 (Daniel Berger)
12:33 AM Ruby master Bug #12413: Dir#close does not raise IOError on already closed handle on OS X
Thanks for the doc update! djberg96 (Daniel Berger)

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