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11:35 AM Ruby trunk Bug #9817: The extconf.rb for OpenSSL assumes MingW
Can we get this changed please?


03:28 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11167: Allow an attr_ variant for query-methods that end with a question mark '?' charac...
Abandoned all hope:


04:01 PM Ruby trunk Feature #10900: GzipReader does not define `#external_encoding`
I'd say it should add #encoding and #internal_encoding methods as well, since the constructor supports those options.


12:25 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11139: [PATCH] socket: support accept `sock_nonblock: (true|false)'
How about just :block ?
a.accept(block: false)
a.accept_nonblock(block: true)


02:12 AM Ruby trunk Feature #9423: Improve warning semantics
Any thoughts on structured warnings core team?


11:52 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11118 (Open): Unable to build Ruby with Visual Studio 2015 RC
I installed the latest Visual Studio, and then tried to build Ruby 2.2.2 on Windows 7. But, I'm having trouble right ...


04:01 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10941 (Closed): SIGSEGV caused by Rake on Windows
Ruby 2.2.1
Windows 7
Compiled with VS 2013
I'm getting a segfault when trying to run the default (test) task for...


10:28 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10906: Problem building on Solaris 10 - symbol rb_infinity not found
I don't know what to tell you. For anyone reading this, to get around it I did this:
configure --disable-insta...


06:18 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10712: [PATCH] lib/resolv.rb: consider ENETUNREACH as ResolvTimeout
Isn't that what the -l switch is for?
06:46 AM Ruby trunk Bug #10906: Problem building on Solaris 10 - symbol rb_infinity not found
I didn't send any options to configure.
>/usr/ccs/bin/nm numeric.o | grep infinity
>/usr/ccs/bin/nm .ext/i386-so...

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