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11:23 AM Ruby master Revision f589242e (git): [ruby/reline] Use unix_line_discard when Ctrl-u is entered
The kill-line was called when C-u was entered, so it is now called unix-line-discard.
In readline(3):
> unix-line-d...
ima1zumi (Mari Imaizumi)


01:19 PM Ruby master Revision 519a945e (git): [ruby/reline] Execute compress_meta_key if convert_meta is on
fix `#357`
When using 8-bit characters, it is better not to use `compress_meta_key`.
I believe not to use `compress_...
ima1zumi (Mari Imaizumi)
01:19 PM Ruby master Revision 5f1975a4 (git): [ruby/reline] @convert_meta is true unless 8-bit characters
If Reline::IOGate.encoding contains 7-bit characters, convert-meta will set it On.
Because in readline(3):
> The d...
ima1zumi (Mari Imaizumi)


03:51 PM Ruby master Revision d486286f (git): [ruby/irb] Add Alt+d keycode when convert-meta isn't used
I pushed reline#389 for when convert-meta is not turned on in .inputrc.
Alt+D in irb also needs to be set to the keyc...
ima1zumi (Mari Imaizumi)
03:39 PM Ruby master Revision 4d4716d9 (git): [ruby/reline] No need to check `x > 0`
Checked in the previous line.
ima1zumi (Mari Imaizumi)
02:41 PM Ruby master Revision ca33b590 (git): [ruby/reline] fix `TerminfoError` -> `Reline::Terminfo::TerminfoError` ima1zumi (Mari Imaizumi)
02:41 PM Ruby master Revision 697d7b8d (git): [ruby/reline] Rescue if tigetstr(capname) cannot be obtained
If `$TERM` is `vt102`, there are no `kend`, `khome`, `civis`, or `cnor...
ima1zumi (Mari Imaizumi)


04:56 AM Ruby master Revision f5829e29 (git): [ruby/reline] Correct padding space calculation
This bug occurred when `dialog.width - calculate_width(s, true)` was nega...
ima1zumi (Mari Imaizumi)


01:28 PM Ruby master Revision 616d6717 (git): [ruby/reline] Remove unused using method
follow #347
ima1zumi (Mari Imaizumi)


08:42 AM Ruby master Revision d340b091 (git): [ruby/reline] Fix failed test
For ruby/ruby repository's AppVeyor CI (Windows environment), `Reline::IOGate.encoding` will be changed from `UTF-8` ... ima1zumi (Mari Imaizumi)

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