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11:32 AM Ruby master Misc #8329 (Rejected): Cannot change \r\n to \n (Windows/DOS to Unix)
I want to change all of my ruby files to UTF-8 encoded and Unix format, but after the running of the following progra... mghomn (Justin Peal)


01:38 PM Ruby master Bug #8287 (Rejected): Regexp performance issue
ADDRESS = # RFC-5322 :
mghomn (Justin Peal)


10:03 AM Ruby master Feature #7751: How to encapsulate File.delete and File.rename into one 'transaction'?
What a great function! I've confirm it is true.
irb(main):001:0> File.write('src', '000')
=> 3
irb(main):002:0> ...
mghomn (Justin Peal)
09:53 AM Ruby master Feature #7525: How to avoid memory leak when something gets wrong and throw exception when using win32api?
Thank you for the resource release schema! mghomn (Justin Peal)


11:15 AM Ruby master Feature #7751 (Rejected): How to encapsulate File.delete and File.rename into one 'transaction'?
Following program has a line: File.delete(sql_file) and File.rename(tmp_file, sql_file)
It is not a 'transaction' wh...
mghomn (Justin Peal)


05:17 PM Ruby master Bug #6122: OpenSSL::PKCS7 verify
Thanks a lot! mghomn (Justin Peal)
05:16 PM Ruby master Bug #6571: Time.mktime Y2K38 problem on 1.9.3p125 i386-mingw32
Great thanks to all of you. mghomn (Justin Peal)
05:11 PM Ruby master Bug #6125: Exception Report
Sorry for I cannot find the original script. mghomn (Justin Peal)
05:09 PM Ruby master Bug #6675: Raise exception when convert encoding of a character from GBK to UTF
# Because GBK is narrow, now I use GB18030 to avoid this error. :-)
#!/usr/bin/env ruby -w
# encoding: utf-8
mghomn (Justin Peal)
05:00 PM Ruby master Bug #6843: win32ole save shortcut fail on Windows XP
Thank you very much! mghomn (Justin Peal)

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