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05:24 AM ruby-trunk Bug #9520 (Rejected): Arity of a Proc obtained by Symbol#to_proc
I'm not sure is it a bug, but I find this behavior wrong.
:to_s.to_proc.arity # => -1
but isn't :to_s.to_proc is th...


03:30 AM ruby-trunk Feature #9108: Hash sub-selections
I prefer such syntax for nested hash (as in
Why not to use usual method like ...


04:06 PM ruby-trunk misc #8905 (Open): Add documentation to semantics of method default arguments
In one can see simple uses of default parameters. But...
04:48 AM ruby-trunk Bug #7537: OptionParser treats negative digits as options
Any thoughts about this patch?


01:54 AM CommonRuby Feature #8896: #tap with missing block
> I would like to see tap return an Enumerator if a block is not passed.
Can you explain your suggestion a bit more?...


07:05 PM CommonRuby Feature #8896 (Open): #tap with missing block
In case when no block provided to tap, it fails. So if you want method which can be called with or without block - yo...


06:01 AM CommonRuby Feature #8635: attr_accessor with default block
May be thread-safety should be optional. But it definitely should be.


08:20 AM ruby-trunk Feature #8460: PATCH: optparse: add keep_unknown option
Can anyone please take a look at a bug considering command-line ar...


12:15 AM ruby-trunk Feature #8499: Importing Hash#slice, Hash#slice!, Hash#except, and Hash#except! from ActiveSupport
mrkn (Kenta Murata) wrote:
> nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) wrote:
> > Or enhance the existing methods?
> I think Has...


08:41 PM ruby-trunk Feature #8452 (Open): Kernel#otherwise to rewrite code like (obj || default_obj).do_smth
Imagine you have code like this
(long_computation_chain || []).do_smth
While it isn't difficult, but it forces...

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