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09:51 AM Ruby master Feature #10793: Infrastructure/Release-Management: Sign releases
Yui NARUSE wrote:
> As far as I remember we discussed this topic before (but I can't find the ticket/mail).
> A...
aef (Alexander E. Fischer)


05:09 AM Ruby master Feature #7377: #indetical? as an alias for #equal?
#same_object? would also be ok by me. aef (Alexander E. Fischer)


09:56 AM Ruby master Feature #7378 (Closed): Adding Pathname#write
There should be a variant of File.write for Pathname.
I will provide a patch if this is acceptable.
(Please see...
aef (Alexander E. Fischer)
09:47 AM Ruby master Feature #7377 (Open): #indetical? as an alias for #equal?
As my feature request #7359 got rejected, here a more backward-compatible approach:
In my opinion the difference b...
aef (Alexander E. Fischer)


10:50 PM Ruby master Feature #7363 (Rejected): Remove the global Pathname() method
About a year ago I sumbitted an not yet accepted patch for Ruby on GitHub which deprecates the global Pathname() meth... aef (Alexander E. Fischer)
10:38 PM Ruby master Feature #7362 (Assigned): Adding Pathname#start_with?
If a Pathname starts with another Pathname, that means that the former Pathname lies below the latter Pathname, as lo... aef (Alexander E. Fischer)
10:30 PM Ruby master Feature #7361 (Rejected): Adding Pathname#touch
Pathname has an #mkdir method to create a directory at the path, but does not have a #touch method to create an empty... aef (Alexander E. Fischer)
10:26 PM Ruby master Feature #7360 (Closed): Adding Pathname#glob
Currently there is only a Pathname.glob method, which allows you to find Pathname objects by a pattern including wild... aef (Alexander E. Fischer)
10:00 PM Ruby master Feature #7359 (Rejected): #eql? and #equal? naming
In my opinion the difference between @#eql?@ and @#equal?@ is really unintuitive. How about making their difference m... aef (Alexander E. Fischer)


05:02 AM Ruby master Bug #7213 (Rejected): Namespace regression problem in RSpec from 1.9.2 to 1.9.3
This article describes a bug which appeared in 1.9.3: "Including namespace module through RSpec config in Ruby 1.9.3"... aef (Alexander E. Fischer)

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